Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Two steppin' in Texas

We celebrated Gibson's birthday in Texas with the family. Unfortunately we didn't want to do a party late in the afternoon because we needed to head home, so Gibson was a little cranky. However when new toys are involved spirits are usually lifted... at least momentarily.

Gibson got a motorcycle from Gerod's cousins.
He LOVED it, and since then has been riding the bike all over the house.
Saying "VROOM"
Gibson played in the fountain at Granci and Papaw's house...
he was soaked within about 10 min...
hence the reason for our shirtless pictures to follow.
Opening presents... He got all kinds of cars and trucks, clothes,
and a basketball goal and basketball. He made out pretty good.
WOW! What a FACE! He was a little upset after
we packed the toys away to get ready for cake...
The "Wheel of Fortune" birthday cake...
he is absolutely obsessed with this show! Its hilarious!
All better... and ready to eat some cake!
I don't think I have ever seen some eat a
slice of cake as if it was a sandwich.
Gibson devoured this thing! You would think with
all this sugar he would have been up for hours afterwards,
but he fell asleep as soon as we headed out of town.
Icing... YUMMY!
I had to include a picture of Chad...
Doesn't he look cute in his little Polo outfit?
This Saturday is the birthday party in OKC. We cant wait to celebrate with all of Gibson's friends up here. I still cant believe my baby boy is a two year old... Time FLIES!

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