Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I am so glad Julie sent me the link to Rita's Coffee Shop blog about all things photography! I have been tinkering with this picture of Gibson during the boys nap and love how it turned out. I cant wait to start trying out some of the other things that her website has to offer as far as tutorials. :) Thanks Julie!

Monday, March 29, 2010

I already want to upgrade my photoshop!

I found out today that there are endless edits that you can do to a picture that I was completely unaware of. Mostly I found a new, more costly, program that can do tons of different kinds of edits on photos. I have officially fallen in love with this program, and am on a mission to buy it!! Hopefully the sooner the better. Another thing on my wish list is a couple more lenses... which are also by no means inexpensive!! Haha!! I better start booking some jewelry parties!!

On the other hand, I did figure out a few new tricks in my current editing program.
Here are a couple pictures of the boys that I took this weekend that I played around with today.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Busy Weekend!

We had a VERY busy weekend. We woke up early Saturday morning to go to a birthday party for one of Gibson's friends. The party was at the Science Museum, and had a robot and dinosaur theme. We got to make our own robots out of marshmallows and pretzels. Mommy and Chad during the party!
Gibson had SO much fun!!
Otto the Robot that came to visit during the party
Look at those bright blue eyes!
For some reason all the kids ended up underneath the table playing with the leftover marshmallows.
Sleepy Bug!
Playing at the Science Museum... Gibson absolutely loved the water table. We were there for the longest time. He kept stacking all the boats up, unstacking them, and then re-stacking them... over... and over... again.
Driving the Tractor!
Apparently he was rockin' out to some kind of silent soundtrack!
Playing on the log See-Saw with Daddy
"Look Mom... No Hands!"
Gibson had so much fun playing in the gymnastics area. Daddy kept helping him roll down the mat. I cant wait till our "Mom & Tot" outing to the gymnastics building!!
I forget what this thing is called, but Gibson thought it was just about the coolest thing ever! He got to ride around a track they had laid out two times. He thoroughly enjoyed it!On Sunday after church we decided to take the boys outside to play in the front yard because the weather was absolutely beautiful!! Gibson had a blast rolling down the driveway on his motorcycle.
Lookin' stylin' in his shades!

Chad didn't like his shades as much...
but he loved the beautiful weather!
We played in the grass...
And rolled over!
We all hope that the weather continues to cooperate for our trip to the zoo this Thursday! I cant wait to get the boys out in the fresh air again soon!!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Palm Sunday! Next weekend is Easter and the celebration of the resurrection of our Savior! I hope everyone has a wonderful week leading up to a wonderful day of celebration!

Friday, March 26, 2010

I am in love...

With digital scrap booking!! I have been having so much fun creating these pages. I have a long way to go on Chad's First Year scrapbook which I have decided to do completely digitally. It is just so much easier to work with the kids around using a computer than having all kinds of paper, and glue and scissors everywhere. Here is a sneak peak of what I have done so far...

I would love your comments... Likes, Dislikes?!? I want this to turn out good!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Good News!

I found out on Tuesday that we are going to get to meet with a representative from the school where Gibson will be attending pre-school once he ages out of the Sooner Start program at 3 years old. We are going to get to talk about what steps we need to take to get him acclimated to the school, which will include a visit to see the school and meet the teachers. We are so excited about this!!
Gerod and I couldn't be happier at the progress Gibson is making in his speech therapy, and we cant wait to see the improvement that will be made by him starting behavior therapy (his first session will be at the end of this month).
Gibson had his 6 month evaluation on Tuesday where we went over how much progress the speech therapy has made up to this point. Six months ago he was MAYBE saying 10 words, and now he is probably saying somewhere around 75 and he attempts to say new words on a daily basis. We couldn't be more proud of little man!

Cant leave Chad out... he is still not officially crawling, he is just doing his army crawl which is a pretty speedy crawl if I do say so myself. He can stand up and hold onto the furniture pretty good as well. We are sure he will be walking before Gibson did, but I guess you just never know.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday... only two more days till the weekend!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

"I dont wanna grow up"

Apparently Gibson doesn't understand that he is just too big for the jumper. I caught him climbing into Chad's jumper the other day, and he went to town in that thing. If he weighed much more I am quite sure he would have broken the thing. Since then he thinks it is so much fun to climb in all by himself... however once he is in, he cant get out on his own. My silly boy just doesn't want to grow up!

Spaghetti Night

We have really been working on letting Gibson feed himself... much to my dislike of him getting so messy, but that's what baths are for right?
Gibson has been giving us these hilarious faces lately. We have been talking about feelings a lot recently and on this particular night Gibson was making Gerod and I roll with laughter. Gibson kept saying "I Sad" while making a pouty face and trying his best not to smile, then he would CRACK up in laughter! He did this a few more times and by that point Gerod and I were dying. It was one of the funniest dinners we have had in a long time. Look at that face...

Chad is 8 months old...

For the first time I couldn't get Chad to give me his big CHEESY smile that I always get... this guy was all over the place! These are the best two pictures I could get out of him.
So our BUG is 8 months old already! I cant believe it! Time is truly flying by!
At 8 months Chad is:
  • Doing his Army Crawl all over the place, he has amazing upper body strength
  • Can hang as if he were on a chin bar for quite a while (this is truly an amazing site, I will have to get it on video)
  • Sitting up all by himself without toppling over
  • Eating finger foods like cheerios, puffs and yogurt melts
  • Eating 3-4 jars of baby food AND four 7oz bottles per day *this kid can seriously put it away*
  • Sleeping through the night, for the most part ;)
  • Looking up to his big brother
  • Loving bath time
  • Wearing 12-18mo clothing

Chad is getting bigger every day and learning new things all the time. I hope to report a true crawler by 9 months. He seems to be doing things a lot earlier than Gibson did, and I think his size has a lot to do with it.

Mommy and Daddy love you Chad, we cant believe how big you are getting!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Mommy & Gibson go to Sesame Street Live!

Gibson and I had a "Mommy & Son Date" Sunday afternoon. We went to see Sesame Street Live, which was a big first for us since Gibson hasn't even gone to a movie at the theater yet.
We had a ton of fun!
Here we are during the show... obviously Gibson didn't want to look at the camera, he was too into his sucker and the show. When Big Bird first came onto the stage.
Big Bird and Friends...
Munchin' on some cheerios during the show. He almost ate the whole cheerio container, and it was full when we first got there!
Ernie on the S.S. Rubber Ducky... I used to love Ernie so this was my favorite!
Elmo... He was definitely the most popular!!
During the Intermission I let Gibson jump around on the chair... he had a blast!
The African masks in the black light was probably Gibson's favorite thing. He just stared at the stage in awe. It was pretty cool looking, no wonder he was in pure amazement!
Bert imagined he was deep sea diving with a friendly Octopus, this was also in black light and was pretty cool.
Me with Carter and Gibson (Carter and his mom joined us for the day, the boys are only 2 weeks apart in age)
Sucker time... I think he was trying to say "Elmo" here
Elmo's World!!
The Entire Cast at the end of the Show!
We had a blast! We are going to have to go on more Mommy & Gibson dates. It was nice to focus on just one of my little boys and make his day. I cant wait to take him on another new adventure. Gerod and I are both SUPER excited about June 18th when Toy Story 3 comes out... we plan on both taking him and having a sitter watch Chad. Hopefully he will do well!