Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Dynamo Day!

Monday morning the boys and I met Jessica & Emma, and Rachel and Avery at Dynamo Gymnastics. Gibson loves this place, its like a McDonalds playplace only bigger and better. I only got one photo of Gibson because he was gone playing in all the different areas of the playplace the whole time.
The boys were so worn out they both passed out as soon as we got done with lunch! :)
Gibson playing in the ball pit This blue eyed boy kept following me around the whole time
Get me out of this place!!!
Chad kept trying to make a run for it!
We had a blast at Dynamo and cant wait to get back there again. Tomorrow we are meeting the same girls and two more moms and their kiddos at the ZOO. I am sure we will have a blast then as well. I promise lots of pictures upon our return.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


I love summer time... especially when we get to spend warm summer evenings with friends. Tonight we went over to our friends David and Megan's where we cooked out and let all the kiddos play in the Shamoo pool. The kids had a blast and played so hard the entire night! Us adults had a really great time visiting while the kids wore themselves out.
Here is Paige and Chad chillin in the pool Adorable Paige... she is too sweet!
Chad loves splashing
Gibson rocking away in the chair after dinner... He was cracking up at David
We had so much fun hanging out with the Griffith's tonight! It was a blast! Its so nice to spend summer evenings with good friends, eating good food, and watching our kids have a great time! Thanks for having us over!!

Bye Bye Birdie!

Well we said "Bye Bye" to Chad's wings on Friday! Chad got his very first hair cut and looks a lot more put-together now!
Chad was not too thrilled with the prospect of getting his haircut... But then Daddy gave him a sucker and all the worries about the scissors were gone!
Enjoying his sucker... there was sticky slober EVERYWHERE!
I am not quite sure what this look is that he was giving me, but it cracks me up!
Baby Bug all done! He looks super adorable, not that he didnt before, it just doesn't look like he is going to fly away now!


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My BIG One Year Old!!

On July 17th at 9:14am Chad Austin was born. We were so happy to bring home a wonderful gift to our family, another baby boy and baby brother for Gibson. We cant believe how quickly the time has passed, but Chad is ofiicially a ONE year old now!
We had his birthday party this past Sunday at the house with a Mickey Mouse theme. Chad LOVES Mickey Mouse Clubhouse so we thought this was the perfect theme for his first birthday.
Here are the table decorations... I also had a video playing on the tv with snapshots of pictures from the time he was born till now and pictures on the table from birth till more recent. Love this picture of Chad in the pool on Memorial Day weekend.

A friend of ours did the birthday cake and we were amazed at how great it turned out. She really is very talented!! Thanks again Diana!!!
Of course Chad has his very own cake that was just for him to dig into.
"Happy Birthday to Chad"
I swear it was mere seconds before the boy was covered in blue icing.
Licking the icing off his hands... look at those eyes!

Look Mom, "I'm ONE!"
At this point Chad was DONE with the cake... so we left the party for a few minutes to take a quick bath!
After his bath Chad got to open up all his presents.
*Notice his adorbale vintage Mickey Mouse shirt to match the party theme*
Daddy and Chad reading the birthday cards
Chad loved the touch and feel book that he got. We are so lucky that both of our boys like to read!
Chad had a great first birthday with lots of our friends to celebrate with him. We cant believe that the past year has gone by so quickly but it has.
Chad is walking, saying things like "No", "Dadda", and "Momma" and other jibberish! He is sleeping through the night finally and drinking whole milk. He is right on track with everything he should be doing and we are so glad!
I will update with his one year stats after our his one year appt which isnt until next month due to the doctors office being overbooked. :(
Until then we are just watching Chad grow and change every day and with him being mobile there are new adventures ALL the time now!!

Premier Designs 25th Anniversary Rally

We all had an amazing time at Premier's 25th Anniversary National Rally in Ft. Worth, TX.
The weekend started off pretty crazy when we got fresh oil/road tar on the car of the girl who drove to Rally. We spent the morning cleaning off her car with diesel fuel... at a car wash in Norman! It was not the start that we were expecting, but the four of us girls made the best of it and laughed the whole thing off.

Here is Sylvia, Me, Jennifer and Jodi on the first night of Rally right before Point of Grace performed. They were amazing! Point of Grace
Roomies. Jackie, Sylvia and I.
Jurhee and I
Jennifer and I.
Sylvia, Me and Jurhee.
The last day of Rally they do a Patriotic tribute, and it is always amazing. There are a lot of people in our "Premier Family" who are in some branch of the military and the entire morning was all for them. I am so proud to be an American, and I pray for all the families who have someone in the military who are fighting for our freedoms on a daily basis.
Fireworks at the end of the Patriotic Celebration!
Jurhee, Jennifer, Me, Sylvia and Jodi all dressed in our red, white and blue in honor of the Patriotic Day.
We had an amazing time over the 4 days at Rally. God is truly the biggest part of this company, and I feel blessed to be a part of such a wonderful organization. I cant wait for our Rally in January so that I can spend more time with the awesome friends I have made since I joined Premier Designs only a year and a half ago.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

We have a walker!

Chad has really started taking off in the last few days, and today he really started making a MOVE! He is walking! A little bit earlier than his older brother did, but only by days. He is taking lots of steps at this point and seems a lot more confident now. He has been taking steps here and there for about 2 or 3 weeks now (maybe more) but today made him officially mobile!
Here are a few shots I got of him walking this evening. Excuse the messy shirt, and crazy hair... it was right after dinner and before bath time.
Here I go...

I cant believe my baby is walking... he will be one year old on Saturday and I cant believe how quickly the time has passed. We are so proud of you BUG! :)

New addition...

We got the boys a swing set back in May... however it has been sitting in two large boxes on the back porch since then. My husband is not what you would call a "Handy Manny" so we planned on having a company who puts swing sets together come over and set the thing up. After missed appt times, and not getting my calls returned I decided we needed to do this ourselves so we called our good friend Jonny to come over and help, and then we talked Blake into coming over as well.

So last week the boys went to work getting the swing set put together. They endured long hours, and lots of mosquito bites, but I did feed them well! ;)

Gibson really wanted to help, but he ended up just trying to use the screwdriver on his soccer ball than doing any manual labor!

After two days of back-breaking work... the guys were finished! The swing set looks awesome and Gibson LOVES being able to "Pay" (play) in the backyard now. He goes to the back door everyday to see if he can go outside.

Loving the "Slide"

He really loves to "Sving" as he calls it... this is the first thing he runs to when he gets outside. Definitely his favorite part of the swing set thus far.

*Look at that SMILE*