Friday, December 31, 2010

It's time for a resolution!

Every year I always come up with some new resolution to lose weight and get in shape, but this year I am serious! I have put on a little extra weight since having my two precious boys and I am ready to get back in shape and lose those pounds!
But I don't have goals just for myself, I also have goals for my family!

Here are the goals for 2011!
  • Lose 10 lbs... I am starting today (one day early) and I hope to lose the weight by mid-March. I will keep up a weekly post about that goal and where I am at with it!. We'll call it Weight-Loss Wednesday!
  • Start a Gluten Free AND Casein Free Diet. We have heard that Gluten Free and Casein Free diets CAN help children with Autism, and although it MAY not work we are willing to give it a try. This is going to be very trying and difficult at times because Gluten and Casein are in LOTS of products but it will force me to cook at home a lot more and will make me more aware of what I am putting not only in my body but our children's bodies.
  • Keep my house CLEANer than I usually do
  • Get organized and try my very best to STAY organized!
  • Make a budget for the family and stick to it.... we WILL save money in 2011.
I think that about covers my goals for both myself and the rest of my family. Hoping that 2011 will be an even better year than 2010, even though 2010 was pretty great.

My most memorable things about 2010?
  • Celebrating my 5 year anniversary with my amazing hubby!
  • Celebrating Chad's first birthday and Gibson's 3rd birthday.
  • Learning that Gibson is one of many in the world of Autism.
  • Hearing Gibson say "I Love You Mommy"
  • Participating in the 2010 Autism Speaks Walk in downtown OKC.
  • 7-Day Eastern Caribbean Cruise with my husband and parents.
  • Finding a passion for photography and creating a business out of it.
  • And last... just being able to have the opportunity to stay home with my two wonderful boys... it is VERY crazy at times but I love it and love them so much!
Tomorrow will signify the start to a brand new year as well as the 6th year of marriage for Gerod and I. We actually get to go on a date!! Hopefully I can get some pictures of us while we are out without kids!

Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year!!

My favorites!

We had an amazing Christmas! We are so blessed with amazing family and friends. We had fun catching up with everyone, eating good food, and getting awesome presents. These are my favorite photos from our Holiday in Texas.

Chad looked adorable in this Santa had of Nazareth's. :) He had a great time climbing over the coffee table again and again.
 Daddy and Chad playing... I love Chad's expression!
Granddaddy taught Gibson how to load up all of the crayons on the back of his dump truck. You would be amazed at how long this kept his interest.
Granddaddy and two of his Great Grandsons. This was too precious!
Chad decided it would be best to step on the present to get the wrapping paper off.
 Gibson loved his "dinosaur" as he calls Rex, from the Toy Story movies.
 Gibson loved his present from Santa... An entire collection of Toy Story action figures. He apparently wasnt in the mood to share with Chad though.
How adorable! Daddy playing with his two boys!! So cute!!!
 Chad admiring his Santa gift!

 Unwrapping presents, Chad got lost in all the paper.
 Pawpaw unwrapping one of Gibson's presents.
Sitting in Grandma and Hoho's squeaky rocking chair. Chad loved the noise it made.
 Making a tower with his new Duplo Blocks.
Me and my Great Grandmother, she is 96 years old and still going strong. I love her so much! I only hope that I can be like her!
 Watching Horton Hears a Who marathon on Christmas day.
 Fun winter hats!
Watching Dispicable Me mini movie called "Banana". All three boys were glued to the tv.

 I think he kind of resembles Elton John in those glasses. Haha!
 Sleepy guys!
I love this picture!
 Learning a little GOLF from Daddy.
 My big, little man!
Gibson insisted that he and Chad both put on their backpacks... not sure why, but he made sure that they were both wearing them.
 The chase is on... I love that Gibson is LOVING this!

We had a very Merry Christmas! I truly cant believe that it has already come and gone, and we are now looking at a new year!
Hopefully 2011 will find us as happy and blessed as 2010 has been. We hope that you and your family had as nice of a Christmas holiday as we had, and we wish you all the best in 2011.

Here's to 2011 in the Black family!

Family photo

I cant even begin to tell you how many pictures were taken to get this one! Here is The Black family. We decided to take a family photo for the first time in a LONG time.
(Top left: Rick, Casey, Cindy, Gerome, Me and Gerod)
(Bottom Left: Evan, Taylor, Gibson and Chad)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Climbing little monkey

Chad is into everything these days and lately he has been getting out of everything too. He has recently learned the art of climbing out of his high chair and sliding down all by himself. We caught him doing this the other day and he just hung out munching on the rest of his lunch before climbing the rest of the way down. He is a little stinker! I love all of his expressions in these pictures!


Movie Night

The boys stayed up late the other night watching Horton Hears a Who on tv. There faces say it all. They were glued to the movie so Gerod and I let them stay up till 9:00 to finish out the movie.


Sunday is the day for rest

Before church the other day Chad decided to rest up a bit while watching the cartoons in Mommy and Daddy's room. He looked so precious I had to snap a few pictures.


It's a Pajama Bath party!

Gerod made the mistake the other morning of starting the bath water before we had Chad undressed. Chad made his way to the bathtub while Gerod was getting his clothes ready and when we came into the bathroom Chad was already in the tub, pajamas and all!
He thought it was hilarious, and quite frankly Gerod and I couldn't stop laughing about it.
What made it worse was that once we got the jammies off him we took his diaper off and found a surprise! We then had to completely empty out the bath water and rinse out the tub, only to fill it back up again and put in boys with clean bottoms!
This one will go down in the books as most memorable bath... so far at least!


Christmas Party!

Gibson had his very first Christmas party with his pre-school class. The kids got to watch a performance by a group of singers from the Special Education class from the high school. After the performance the group got to come back to class and have cookies, and little Christmas tree cakes.
Gibson had a blast and Gerod and I couldn't be more thrilled by attending his very first Christmas party. We cant believe our oldest little man is already in school. He is doing so well and we couldn't be more proud of him and his progress. His teacher is absolutely amazing and she loves Gibson and all the other kids in his class beyond words.
Many more school Christmas parties to come.