Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Halloween... over a month later!

We have been so busy lately... and quite frankly I have been taking lots of pictures of other people and haven't brought the camera out to take snapshots of my own family much.

We have had so much going on since my last post including some awesome Halloween Parties. Here are a few pictures of our Halloween Fun.

Gerod went as Dog the Bounty Hunter
 and I went as his lovely wife Beth... hahaha!

 Our friends who went as Miss Piggy and Kermit (it was a famous couples themed party)
 All the girls
 And all the guys (please excuse the naked man in the middle)
 Gibson LOVED this huge Air Slide at the church Harvest Celebration party

 Gerod with Minnie Mouse (aka Emma G)... she was very confused that we kept telling her this was Gerod. I don't think she believed us at all.

 Gibson and Avery kept getting into the dog cage... it was hilarious because they didn't want anyone else to get in there with them.

 All of the kids, minus Gibson, he just couldn't sit still long enough for a picture. Imagine that!

 Mommy with her little Buzz Lightyear (aka Chad)
 Mommy and Woody himself... aka Gibson
 Woody... doing a little Halloween Trick-or-Treating

 Our small group Moms.... we had a blast!

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