Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Look who's pulling up???

My little bug is pulling up and Saturday morning when Gerod went to get Chad out of bed we found him like this! He thinks he is pretty cool because he can stand up in his bed now!
Laughing at Daddy.
Guess we will be lowering the bed here pretty quick! I cant believe my baby is getting so big!

Emma Grace

So yesterday we had an amazing golf tournament for our friends beautiful little girl Emma! "Tee It Up For Emma" was a benefit that Gerod and 3 other guys put on to benefit Emma and her medical costs. She was diagnosed with Leukemia back on April 5, 2009 and has been in remission for a while and in fact RANG THE BELL... as a sign of being finished with Chemo just last week! We are so happy that the hardest part of this journey is over and Emma is getting better day by day. Doesn't she look just adorable holding the bell? Here is Emma with her Dad and Mom at the Arts Festival with us the other night. We love this family, they are our very best friends! :) So glad Emma was able to get out with us that night!
Love you guys! I am so glad the tournament was such a success!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Both of the boys LOVE our i-phones. You should see Gibson flipping through "HIS" apps, and playing all his games. He is actually learning things by playing! Amazing that a 2 year old can work an i-phone... I don't think we even started using computers till 3rd grade. I have a feeling making fun of my mom for her troubles with the Internet back when I was in Junior High is going to come back to haunt me one of these days!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Beautiful Spring Nights

After Gerod got home from work the other night we took Gibson out front to play with the chalk that he got for Easter. He had a ton of fun! We scribbled and wrote numbers and his name. I cant wait for more beautiful nights so we can hang out as a family like this!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Arts Festival!

It was a little cooler outside than we thought it would be but we still had a good time and the boys stayed warm with their jackets and blankets. Clapping to the music the live band was playing.
Having fun!
Eating some of Mommy's Strawberries Newport! He LOVED it!!
Running through all the fabric in the kids section of the Arts Festival
Look at that face.... such a STINKER!

Daddy and Bug!
Apparently he REALLY didn't want to leave!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Our trip to Tejas...

We went down to Texas this past weekend because I have a brand new Jeweler in my Premier Designs family and I had to go do her training show. Not only was the show a success, but we also had the best excuse to visit family and friends while we were in town.
I definitely got my fix of "REAL" Mexican food this weekend, we went to Jorges (where I saw an old high school girlfriend and her daughter), Rosa's (one of my favorites) where we met up with another girlfriend I have known since probably kindergarten, and her husband and two kids, and then had Jumburrito for breakfast on Sunday morning!! :) I miss all my little spots in good ole' Midland!!
We stayed with my parents, and Gibson got to chase his cousin Jaxon around all weekend. He had an absolute BLAST and was exhausted on the ride home last night. We also had Gerod's parents over for a cookout at my parents house on Saturday night which was again a lot of fun, and really good food.
Its so nice to go home to see family, we miss them all so much!
We are glad to be back at home in our own beds, but man do I have laundry and cleaning to do now. I guess I better get on that ;)

By the way, although I took my camera with me, I took ABSOLUTELY NO PICTURES!! I know pretty crazy for me, but needless to say it was a busy weekend.

This weekend we have bachelor/bachelorette parties for some friends of ours, and we have a sitter!!! Praise the Lord! I am excited for a girls night out. Then next weekend we have their wedding! :) I still need to go buy a cute dress but I have plenty of time right?\

Next Monday the 26th is the "Tee it up for Emma" tournament that Gerod has been planning along with three other guys... this is to benefit our best friends daughter who was diagnosed with Leukemia back on April 5, 2009... she is now in remission, but doctor/medical bills are really expensive... if you want to help out in any way please let me know!!
We are SO excited for this event to finally be here!! I promise to take pictures and post them. If you want to hear more about Emma's story you can check out her BLOG that her mommy (and my bestie) writes for her.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I love this time of year!!

Things I love about spring/summer time:

*Laying out!!
*Pink nail polish on my toes
*Flip Flops in every color of the rainbow
*Hanging out outside with my boys... all three of them!
*Swimming... and laying out
*Grilling out (ribs and stuffed jalapenos are my favs!!)
*Shopping for fun swimsuits!

I absolutely love this time of year... it is warm enough for shorts and time to pull out the sunglasses.

We are trying to find the perfect swing set to get for the boys so we can spend even more time outdoors because the boys love their playtime outside. I cant wait to get the swing set up so Gibson and Chad can play on it all summer long from now until they outgrow the thing! ;) Until then we will be taking the short drive over to the park so they can enjoy the weather as much as I can.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful start to their spring!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter Weekend

We had a wonderful Easter this year. It was Chad's first Easter and Gibson's 3rd! WOW how time has flown!! Gibson got to dye Easter eggs for the very first time this year it was so much fun seeing his face during the entire process... completely PRICELESS!!Look at the wonder...
Telling Daddy how to do it... or so we think...
He kept dropping the eggs in from so high... he cracked most of the ones he colored. Oh well!
Decorating the eggs
We went out to take some Easter pictures in a place with a ton of tulips... it was beautiful!
Gibson enjoyed being outside... he looked so cute in his purple and green, we had Chad in a coordinating purple and green outfit. We found out from Granci and Papaw that Gibson and his cousin Evan had the exact same Easter outfit (minus Gibson's tie)... too funny!
Daddy and Bug
Mommy and Bug

It was so funny when we asked Gibson to give Chad a kiss... he literally tackled him and tried to move his hands so he could give him a smooch. It was adorable. Thankfully Chad is a huge kid so it didn't bother him that his brother, almost 2 years his senior, was completely smothering him.
Brotherly Love
Our Crazy, Wonderful Family
Gibson got some awesome stuff in his Easter basket.
Chad CONKED out after church... we went to check on him and found him like this. :)
Hunting for Easter eggs with Daddy
Gibson loved hunting for eggs. We didn't know how he would do at first, but he had a ton of fun searching the park for the plastic, candy-filled eggs.

He even found the ones I hid up in the trees
After Gibson hunted down all the eggs we let the boys play at the playground. Chad loved the swing! It was the first time he had been on one outside. It was a gorgeous afternoon.
Gibson got to swing on the big kid swing... he did such a good job. Mommy and Daddy were both so proud! He only fell off one time, and he dusted himself off and got right back on. We definitely don't have a scared little boy on our hands... maybe that means trouble?!?
We had a wonderful weekend... Gerod's parents were in town and they put up with me having a garage sale on both Friday and Saturday. The boys loved getting to hang out with their Granci and Papaw and we loved having them! It is always nice to see family since we are so far from them, especially on holidays as special of Easter. Thanks again for coming and visiting us Granci and Papaw. We love you!!
Hope you all had a Happy Easter. We had a wonderful day celebrating the Resurrection of our Lord and Savior. We cant wait for all the memories to come on this wonderful holiday.