Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Gestational Diabetes... and the icky orange drink!

Today I had my gestational diabetes testing which consists of fasting the entire morning, drinking a horribly sugary orange flavored drink, sitting around and waiting for an hour, and then having your blood drawn after the hour is finally up. This was awful! I hadn't eaten anything since last night at 7:30pm and so I was unusually hungry... and to top it off Gibson and I joined Gerod at his usual morning breakfast place Panera Bread, where they have some of the best pastries! Of course I couldn't eat any... I just got to stare at the wonderful goodness in front of my eyes! :(
Needless to say the test is over with, and I am just hoping I passed. If I fail the test I have to go through all of this again, but instead of just one hour I have to drink the drink and then get my blood drawn every hour for THREE hours...! So lets just hope I don't get a phone call from the doctor saying I got failing results.
Other than that the doctor said I am doing well, and growing right on track. I am up to two week visits now... so my next appt will be May 13th, but before that Gerod and I scheduled a 3D/4D ultrasound like we had done with Gibson, and that is scheduled for May 8th! We cant wait to see better ultrasound pics of Chad!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pretty in PINK!

This is Gerod's softball team all dressed up in their PINK shirts we got to think about Emma. They have an adorable picture on the front of Emma posing it up big time for the camera... and on the back they say "Playing and Praying for Emma".
I think the guys look so cute in these team shirts this year... its funny because Jessica and I have always talked about how the guys don't have team shirts (Jonny usually plays on the same team, and Jessica and I have become even closer friends because of our many nights on the bleachers at softball games). It seemed very appropriate that since the guys have never had team shirts that we make them focus on Emma this year, and what better way to do that but have them all in the girliest of PINKS!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bellies and Birthday's

27 weeks and finally in the 3rd trimester! Wow! I cant tell if its going by fast or slow... but either way I am ready for Chad to be here, so I can meet him, and so I can stop being so uncomfortable. I still have quite a bit more time left, which means the belly is just going to get bigger and bigger!
On Saturday we went to Kacee's birthday (a friends daughter), who just turned ONE! We cant believe how much time has passed... it seems like just yesterday we were celebrating Gibson's first birthday! I swear, once you have children time just seems to take on a completely different meaning, and it flashes before your eyes. As Gerod was folding laundry for me tonight (yes he scored points for that one), we were thinking back to when we thought these clothes would never fit our sweet little baby boy... but now he is quickly outgrowing them!
Enough of my blubbering though, here is a cute picture of my two favorite guys at the party this Saturday! Gibson had so much fun, and daddy did too!!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Yummie Tummie

I was perusing another person's blog this evening, and came across something that I simply must have once Chad is born... It is called a Yummie Tummie and basically hides all the flabby junk all of us women loathe! I am so excited. They are on the expensive side, but until I can get my figure back I think its definitely worth the money. Check it out!!! :)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

NEW kitchen countertops!!!

So we have a friend whose house we visited recently... we fell in love with their counter tops! Even better, the friend's husband is the one that did all the handy work. We asked if he would be willing to do ours as well, and after a couple hours deciding on the perfect tile to do the job, we have NEW counter tops! Sorry I don't have a before picture that I can post, we kind of forgot to take one before he got started. As you can tell the new counter tops have come out wonderful! He has a little more to go, because the window seat and bar haven't been done yet, but what is finished looks great. :) I am in love!!!
Now we just need to find a new faucet, change up the cabinets a little bit, and add brand new hardware to the cabinets instead of the white knobs we have currently! What an UPDATE!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

FUN in Midland

I thought this was an appropriate picture to start off this post... although we really did have a lot of fun!
Gibson has just recently started throwing fits that include lots of tears, runny nose, and occasionally throwing himself onto the floor to show just how upset he is! They are quite funny really... I wonder if I ever acted this way when I was his age... surely NOT!

Here he is getting into the wine bottles... his favorite "No. No." place to get into!
And here... getting into my purse. His favorite thing to play with is the bottle of Tylenol! Apparently he thinks he is in a band and the Tylenol bottle makes a wonderful shaker. We ate at Hooters for lunch, and Gibson nearly fell asleep right at the table, it was hilarious!
Jaxon and Jenni... being SILLY!Bath time for the BOYS!!! They had so much fun splashing in the tub... Jaxon was upset that we couldn't turn the "bubbles" on though.
After getting all clean the boys laid down with Jenni and watched a movie while we waited for Gerod to get home from the last day of the golf tournament.
Gibson fell in love with Papaw this weekend... it was so precious because he usually doesn't seem to want to be held by anyone other than Gerod or I, but I guess the two had some good bonding time. Every time Gibson saw his Papaw... he would say "Pa.... Pa.... Pa.... Pa" and run to give him a big hug! As you can tell by this picture my dad thoroughly enjoyed Gibson showing his love!
I love these two guys so much! Although we had a wonderful time in Midland, it is nice to be back home. We have about a million things going on right now with friends, the house, and all the activities Gerod and I are in... not to mention the fact that the due date for Chad's arrival is getting closer and closer... We wont be making it back to Texas for probably another three months or so!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Swim Lessons

So Gibson started swim lessons at the YMCA last Tuesday... wow! Probably not the best idea for big ole prego, otherwise known as "ME". Gibson had a blast though! We sang songs in the pool, passed around a ball, played with toys, and learned how to jump into the water. Even though I had a ton of fun with "little man" I decided it was just too much for me to be doing alone...
that's where Gerod comes in...
He has taken over the parent part of the parent and me swim class! I think Gibson has a little more fun with daddy anyway because he is a lot sillier in the water than mommy is.
Hopefully by the time summer gets here Gibson will be acclimated enough with the water that we can go swimming a lot! He actually wont learn to swim in this class... just getting used to being in the pool, and having fun!
I have to admit I am jealous that its not me in the pool, but with the way my back has been feeling lately its just not worth it, especially later in the day!
We have two more weeks of swim class, and I think Gibson will have a blast the rest of the time! :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter

We had a pretty good Easter. The rain was much needed, but it was kind of sad that we couldn't enjoy nice spring weather on this amazing day! Nor were we able to get a good family picture! Oh well... there is always next year right?!?
Mommy and Gibson Daddy and Gibson, being silly as usual! Gibson giving kisses... this is something he just recently started and its absolutely precious! He basically eats your whole face... but its still just as cute as ever!
25 weeks... getting closer every single day to meeting our second little man!
Gibson's Easter basket! I thought it was precious! Chocolate Bunny... he didn't eat it, and thank goodness, because can you imagine the mess?He had to look at everything in his basket by taking everything out individually, then he tried to put it all back in the basket.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Afternoon at the park!

Before all the bad news we recieved about Emma on Sunday, we went to the park Saturday afternoon with Gibson. We had a lot of fun swinging, playing on the tire swing, and exploring. Gibson literally will put ANYTHING in his mouth, including sticks and rocks... lovely! Definitely have to keep a close eye on my little man! The following are a few of the pictures I took at the park...
Gibson had so much fun swinging, he seemed to want to go higher and higher so Daddy pushed him as high as Mommy would allow...
Mommy's crazy boys... in the tire swing
The stick and rocks as before mentioned...
Such the little explorer!
Also... for anyone following that is interested in keeping up to date with Emma her mom got the blog up and running... click on Emma's name above and it will take you to her page! Leave an encouraging comment, praise or prayer... I know her mom would love to read those!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Updates on Emma!!!

Lots of updates on Emma...
She was admitted to the Children's Hospital on Sunday afternoon, and has been there ever since. Once Monday they took blood and came back with a white blood cell count of 402,000 which is REALLY high, and not very good at all. She started her first round of Chemo on Monday night, and had a pretty difficult night getting sick.
As of Tuesday morning they were able to get the sickness to subside with some new meds. Also on Tuesday they did another blood test which came back with a white blood cell count of only 2,800... yes that's right, 2,800!!! This is AMAZING! The doctors tested the blood three times to make sure the results were correct because they said this just wasn't possible! But the power of prayer is amazing! Because the white blood count was so low they were able to preform a blood transfusion that was really needed.
Today (Wednesday) brought even better news, if you can believe that. Another blood test revealed a white blood count of only 800!!! Praise GOD!! Doctors are amazed at this little girl that we are calling a miracle!
They preformed yet another blood test this afternoon, and it revealed no Leukemia in Emma's blood. Now this doesn't mean they are out of the woods, but it is a very good sign that things are going in Emma's favor.
They will continue the chemo treatments as planned... and a bone marrow biopsy on Monday. Continue praying because it is obviously working. We have an amazing GOD, and it seems he is doing everything he can to keep little Emma healthy!
The following are a couple of pictures I took of Emma at the hospital tonight... she is looking great, and acting like any normal 6 month old would!

In other news, I am currently setting up a blog for her mom to write updates on... so for anyone that is reading this and wants to stay updated and current on Emma's status I will leave that link here soon!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

In need of much prayer...

Today started out like any other day, we went to church this morning, and then came home and ate lunch. Basically your typical Sunday... until... we got a phone call from one of our best friends. This morning our friends took their 6 month old daughter to the ER because of a small bruise that appeared out of nowhere on her chest. She also had another bruise that showed up a couple days ago on her hip, that they also could not explain. The doctors in the ER did some blood work only to find out that their little angel has Leukemia. Our friends called to tell us the news this afternoon, and both Gerod and I have been completely distraught over it all day. We cant even begin to imagine what is going on in their minds right now. They were transferred to the Children's Hospital here, which is supposed to be one of the best pediatric hospitals in the state. Fortunately they have great family and friends, so the support system is awesome, but prayers at this point are all we can ask for. I hope that if you pray that you say a little prayer for Emma... that God will heal her, and help her family through this very difficult time. We will be seeing them again tomorrow so hopefully I will know a little more then, but please be thinking and praying for this baby girl. She is an absolute jewel, and we couldn't be more heartbroken at her diagnosis.
Prayer works miracles... so please... be praying!!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Super Uncomfortable!

I feel like I am getting bigger each and every day (which is probably mostly true). I am beyond uncomfortable, and I know that part will only get worse the closer I get to my due date. Just thinking that I still have approximately 16 weeks left has me thinking I am not going to be sleeping well for about the next year. If I cant get much sleep now its only going to be harder once Chad gets here.
Mind you I am beyond happy and excited to be pregnant again, and I relish in every movement that I feel (which is basically all the time, I think I have a gymnast/soccer player in there). I just wish I hadn't reached this incredibly uncomfortable time in my pregnancy so early.
I asked the doctor at my appt on Wednesday if I was measuring big, and he said I am right on target, so obviously this whole thing about me being bigger this time around is all in my head. I feel like I am bigger though, but the doctor said I am carrying all my weight in front so it is causing the breathing trouble, and the lack of sleep at night from trying to find a comfortable position to sleep in. This is also what is causing all my lower and mid back pain.
Anyway, sorry for the venting about my issues... other than being super annoyed at not being able to find any kind of comfortable position to sleep/stand/sit/anything in I am doing great. Gibson and I are finally over all of our allergy stuff, and I am hoping it stays away for a long time. That was not a fun two weeks for either of us.
I will update sometime soon with a prego pic. Hope you all have a happy Friday!