Wednesday, April 22, 2009

FUN in Midland

I thought this was an appropriate picture to start off this post... although we really did have a lot of fun!
Gibson has just recently started throwing fits that include lots of tears, runny nose, and occasionally throwing himself onto the floor to show just how upset he is! They are quite funny really... I wonder if I ever acted this way when I was his age... surely NOT!

Here he is getting into the wine bottles... his favorite "No. No." place to get into!
And here... getting into my purse. His favorite thing to play with is the bottle of Tylenol! Apparently he thinks he is in a band and the Tylenol bottle makes a wonderful shaker. We ate at Hooters for lunch, and Gibson nearly fell asleep right at the table, it was hilarious!
Jaxon and Jenni... being SILLY!Bath time for the BOYS!!! They had so much fun splashing in the tub... Jaxon was upset that we couldn't turn the "bubbles" on though.
After getting all clean the boys laid down with Jenni and watched a movie while we waited for Gerod to get home from the last day of the golf tournament.
Gibson fell in love with Papaw this weekend... it was so precious because he usually doesn't seem to want to be held by anyone other than Gerod or I, but I guess the two had some good bonding time. Every time Gibson saw his Papaw... he would say "Pa.... Pa.... Pa.... Pa" and run to give him a big hug! As you can tell by this picture my dad thoroughly enjoyed Gibson showing his love!
I love these two guys so much! Although we had a wonderful time in Midland, it is nice to be back home. We have about a million things going on right now with friends, the house, and all the activities Gerod and I are in... not to mention the fact that the due date for Chad's arrival is getting closer and closer... We wont be making it back to Texas for probably another three months or so!

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Two of a Kind said...

Fun! I can't believe how big Jaxon is! I remember when your sister was pregnant at your wedding!!!