Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Gestational Diabetes... and the icky orange drink!

Today I had my gestational diabetes testing which consists of fasting the entire morning, drinking a horribly sugary orange flavored drink, sitting around and waiting for an hour, and then having your blood drawn after the hour is finally up. This was awful! I hadn't eaten anything since last night at 7:30pm and so I was unusually hungry... and to top it off Gibson and I joined Gerod at his usual morning breakfast place Panera Bread, where they have some of the best pastries! Of course I couldn't eat any... I just got to stare at the wonderful goodness in front of my eyes! :(
Needless to say the test is over with, and I am just hoping I passed. If I fail the test I have to go through all of this again, but instead of just one hour I have to drink the drink and then get my blood drawn every hour for THREE hours...! So lets just hope I don't get a phone call from the doctor saying I got failing results.
Other than that the doctor said I am doing well, and growing right on track. I am up to two week visits now... so my next appt will be May 13th, but before that Gerod and I scheduled a 3D/4D ultrasound like we had done with Gibson, and that is scheduled for May 8th! We cant wait to see better ultrasound pics of Chad!


The Ratpack said...

Panera Bread has the BEST breakfasts!

Fingers crossed that it comes back negative!

Two of a Kind said...

Oh I hope you pass too! The three hour was the worst!