Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

This year has been amazing! Gibson is one year older... a big boy at 2 years old! We also added to the family with our precious Chadder Bug who is now just over 5 months old. I cant believe how much we have been blessed with, but we are beyond thankful.

At this moment I sit in my living room... the only person awake in the house. Gibson and Chad were down for the count around 9:30 and Gerod has been in and out of consciousness since 10:00.

So here I am... on the computer... as usual. I am watching the only thing on tv at this very moment... New Years parties in New York and Las Vegas. We had an invite to a big New Years Eve bash at some friends house, but we were a little late in looking for a sitter so instead decided to spend New Years as a family.

Maybe next year I wont be the only one in the house awake to ring in the New Year.

Happy New Year everyone... May 2010 be as good as 2009!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Tis The Season

We went shopping today, and I hope I remember the madness next year and do all my shopping much earlier. There were WAY to many people out and about getting their last minute Christmas gifts, and we still had half our list of people to buy for. We only lack two more gifts now, and then I have to wrap everything before we visit the family for Christmas. Needless to say I hope I don't procrastinate this much next year!

I cant wait to see our family and friends over this next week! It should be a wonderful time!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


After a little bit of editing I had to share this picture one more time!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Silly, Sleepy Chadder Bug!

Chad looked like he was ready to hit the slopes this morning after Daddy got him ready to leave the house. How cute is he in that hat and those glasses?Chad has gotten big enough to use the jumper now, and in the past few days has figured out how to jump. He gets so excited we sometimes think he could just jump out of the thing! This afternoon he bounced so much he fell asleep. We were watching him jump all over the place and as we watched he got slower and slower, and finally fell into a daze and then slumped over and started sleeping. Before we took him out to lay him down we got a couple snapshots!

Santa, cookies, and tears... Oh my!

On Saturday we took the boys to a local cookie shop to have milk and cookies with Santa. As you will soon see, Santa was not the hit of the party!

Chad was quite upset at first, but we got him to calm down in Santa's lap just long enough to get a pretty decent picture...

Gibson was a completely different story... poor kid was not liking Santa at all!!!
We thought he might show some interest in the reindeer bells Santa showed him, but that didn't work either.
The crying ceased once we introduced the milk and cookies though. This cookie shop was AMAZING. Big shortbread stocking cookies for all the kids with a small milk to wash it down with. They do cookies for all sorts of parties, including baby showers, birthdays, holiday get togethers and so much more. They also have some pretty good cookies you can buy individually.
Later on Saturday afternoon we tried another Santa at the mall. NOPE! That one didn't have the magic touch either. We thought this one would be different because Gibson seemed very excited to see him, but as soon as he got in his lap he threw a fit! Hopefully next year he will be a little more calm around the big red guy!
I kind of felt like we were torturing him... Chad was sleeping so we decided not to wake him up for the second set of pictures since the first ones were so traumatic.
Needless to say I think the boys will be happy to not have their pictures taken with Santa again anytime soon. :) However we may have to take pictures with our very own Santa... the boys great grandpa back in Texas who we call "Ho Ho"

Fun on the floor

Chad loves being on the floor in all the action. He just recently learned how to roll over from his back to his stomach (he is still working on stomach to back). He loves playing on his play mat the most because of all the bright lights, music, and hanging toys! Sometimes Chad has just a little TOO much fun... I have caught him
falling asleep on several occasions! Too precious! Love it!

Texas is going to the National Championship!

Gerod had so much fun dressing up the boys (and himself) in Texas gear for the Texas game. Surprisingly, being in Sooner country, we got lots of compliments on the boys outfits during our outing at the mall the day of the game. I have to agree that all three of my guys looked pretty cute!

Daddy and Chad ready for the game... "Hook Em Horns" Mommy and Gibson during the game
(notice my side pony tail... compliments of my new hairstylist Gibson)
Gibson's Colt McCoy jersey. How cute?!?
Gibson thought that the diaper on his head was pretty silly, yet stylish...
I couldn't get him to take it off for a while!
Chadder Bug
Hi Mom... Aren't I precious???

Gigi, Papaw and Uncle Steven come to visit...

We had a lot of fun over Thanksgiving with Gigi, Papaw and Uncle Steven. Great food, and great family! The family got here just a couple days before Thanksgiving and stayed through the weekend. We at lots of food, watched New Moon (the newest Twilight movie), shopped till we literally almost dropped, and all the guys even got to go to a Thunder game (Thanks to David for those tickets!!!)
I snapped a couple pictures of Papaw with his grandson's and this was the cutest one! How happy does Papaw look to be hanging out with his little guys? Gibson had so much fun with Papaw, and was SO SAD to see him, Gigi and Uncle Steven go. Here is Gibsonian being his happy self... as always!
Mommy and her Chadder Bug! I love my little men so much!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Chad's 4 month well care checkup!

Today has been busy from the start. At 9:30 we had Chad's 4 month well care visit, better late than never...right? Chad weighed in at a whopping 17lbs and 7oz (90th percentile) and 26.6in (70th percentile)... I am not sure why he is so large?!? lol. The doctor looked at Gerod and said... "So who is the father?"... he is quite the comedian. Just for fun, our doctor got out Gibson's stats from his 4 month appt... Gibson was 14lbs 3oz (30th percentile), and 24in (50th percentile). Chad also got 2 more shots and an oral vaccine, and Gibson got his second Flu shot.

After the doctors visit we rushed home just in time for Gibson's speech therapy. He is doing really well and loves his therapist. We are excited to be progressing, even if its just a little bit at a time.

Now both of my little men are napping! I cant believe they are both getting so big! I swear, since Chad was born time sped up just a little bit more. Before we know it they are going to be all grown up. Until then I will continue to cherish these days that I get to spend with them.

Monday, December 7, 2009


Tomorrow is Chadder Bug's 4 month well care visit. He will again have to endure another round of shots, and all the other fun poking and prodding by the doc. After we get back from the doctor Gibson has another speech therapy session. He is really taking a liking to the lady doing the sessions with him. Last week he even climbed into her lap during the story she read to him. He is such a loving little guy.

I think tonight about how lucky I am to be able to put my babies in their beds tonight, and how lucky I am to spend the day with them each day, waking up to their adorable smiling faces. Sometimes we take for granted what we have. Sometimes we don't realize how quickly it could all be taken away from us. We never know what God's plans are for us... and so I go to bed tonight saying a thankful prayer for another day with my little men.

I promise to take in every smile, every laugh, every smell, even every cry, and thank God for the babies I have been blessed with.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Welcome Christmas.... Come this way!

I love Christmas time! What a wonderful time of year when
we can celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ!!
I love being able to spend time with family and friends, I love the cold crisp weather, I love the beautiful messages at church, I love all the music and laughter, I love hot apple cider *specifically Starbucks Caramel Apple Spice ;)*, I love the decorations...
I know my tree isn't the most magnificent one in the world... but once we get a bigger living room, a bigger tree will most definitely be bought. My theme is red, white and silver. :) With a new tree maybe a new theme?!? The stockings are hung... I plan on getting our names embroidered on them before next year.
More decorations...

I love Christmas and I am so excited that it is only 24 days away. I have MOST of the presents bought... although they aren't wrapped yet, that is my next project on a long "to do" list!
I hope everyone else is having a good start to their Christmas season! It is my favorite holiday and I plan on celebrating from now till the 25th!! :)