Sunday, December 13, 2009

Texas is going to the National Championship!

Gerod had so much fun dressing up the boys (and himself) in Texas gear for the Texas game. Surprisingly, being in Sooner country, we got lots of compliments on the boys outfits during our outing at the mall the day of the game. I have to agree that all three of my guys looked pretty cute!

Daddy and Chad ready for the game... "Hook Em Horns" Mommy and Gibson during the game
(notice my side pony tail... compliments of my new hairstylist Gibson)
Gibson's Colt McCoy jersey. How cute?!?
Gibson thought that the diaper on his head was pretty silly, yet stylish...
I couldn't get him to take it off for a while!
Chadder Bug
Hi Mom... Aren't I precious???

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