Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Chad's 4 month well care checkup!

Today has been busy from the start. At 9:30 we had Chad's 4 month well care visit, better late than never...right? Chad weighed in at a whopping 17lbs and 7oz (90th percentile) and 26.6in (70th percentile)... I am not sure why he is so large?!? lol. The doctor looked at Gerod and said... "So who is the father?"... he is quite the comedian. Just for fun, our doctor got out Gibson's stats from his 4 month appt... Gibson was 14lbs 3oz (30th percentile), and 24in (50th percentile). Chad also got 2 more shots and an oral vaccine, and Gibson got his second Flu shot.

After the doctors visit we rushed home just in time for Gibson's speech therapy. He is doing really well and loves his therapist. We are excited to be progressing, even if its just a little bit at a time.

Now both of my little men are napping! I cant believe they are both getting so big! I swear, since Chad was born time sped up just a little bit more. Before we know it they are going to be all grown up. Until then I will continue to cherish these days that I get to spend with them.

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