Sunday, December 13, 2009

Santa, cookies, and tears... Oh my!

On Saturday we took the boys to a local cookie shop to have milk and cookies with Santa. As you will soon see, Santa was not the hit of the party!

Chad was quite upset at first, but we got him to calm down in Santa's lap just long enough to get a pretty decent picture...

Gibson was a completely different story... poor kid was not liking Santa at all!!!
We thought he might show some interest in the reindeer bells Santa showed him, but that didn't work either.
The crying ceased once we introduced the milk and cookies though. This cookie shop was AMAZING. Big shortbread stocking cookies for all the kids with a small milk to wash it down with. They do cookies for all sorts of parties, including baby showers, birthdays, holiday get togethers and so much more. They also have some pretty good cookies you can buy individually.
Later on Saturday afternoon we tried another Santa at the mall. NOPE! That one didn't have the magic touch either. We thought this one would be different because Gibson seemed very excited to see him, but as soon as he got in his lap he threw a fit! Hopefully next year he will be a little more calm around the big red guy!
I kind of felt like we were torturing him... Chad was sleeping so we decided not to wake him up for the second set of pictures since the first ones were so traumatic.
Needless to say I think the boys will be happy to not have their pictures taken with Santa again anytime soon. :) However we may have to take pictures with our very own Santa... the boys great grandpa back in Texas who we call "Ho Ho"

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