Friday, August 28, 2009

Mommy's Sweet Boys

I begin this post with one of the cutest pictures EVER!! Chad has started smiling more and more each and every day (and no it's not gas). When we lean over and talk to him his lips spread into the widest, most adorable smile one has ever seen! I love that he is growing and changing each and every day. I forget how much babies change in such a short amount of time. The other day I was putting away the last of the laundry and came back into the living room to find Gibson inside the laundry basket. He just sat there for a few minutes watching cartoons. It was too funny. When he finally got out of it, he proceeded to put the basket on the floor and push it around saying "Vroom".
Chad is finally able to wear jeans...! I don't think Gibson was in jeans until at least 3 months, so needless to say Chad is just a BIG BOY! I thought he looked too stinking cute sitting on the couch to not get a picture. Gibson has decided that since Chad is playing with all of his old toys that he can join in on the fun as well. He continues to try and use the play mat, sit in the papasan, and relax in the swing. In some cases Chad is still in the item that Gibson suddenly wants to use. We have to keep our eyes on this boy constantly so he doesn't sit on his baby brother. The words "easy" and "gentle" are used frequently around the house, but I don't think Gibson quite understands their definition just yet. Not much is going on with us right now, except for the normal entertaining of our two little men. We are enjoying watching their relationship grow, and we cant wait until they are able to interact a little more.
I still cant believe that I am now the mother of two wonderful little boys. Each and every day is an absolute blessing, because I know that some people out there cant have children of their own. I believe we have two little miracles in our lives, and I cherish every moment I get to spend with them.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

One Month Old...

I am two days late in posting this... but Chad is officially One Month Old! I cant believe how quickly time is flying by, even though everyone told me it would. Chad is getting bigger each and every day and showing more of his personality all the time. We love seeing him smile, and he has even laughed a couple times already. Before we know it he will be Gibson's age... but I hope it doesn't happen too soon!

Here is the little man with his bear that his Great Grandma Hicks made him: Such a cutie pie!
Chad slept almost through the whole night last night. He only woke up once between 10:00pm and 6:30am! He ate for about thirty minutes then immediately went back to a dreamful sleep! Gerod and I were thrilled to get a good nights rest last night... we only hope it wasn't a fluke and will continue to happen from here on out!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Vacation {part duex}

While in Midland Gibson got spoiled by going swimming... once he got on his swim suit he would bang on the glass door leading to the backyard until we let him out to get in the pool. He had a blast swimming with Pawpaw... They played in the pool with Daddy and cousin Jaxon while Chad and I stayed in the cool house.
My little water baby boy!
After staying in Midland half the week we headed over to Seminole for the remainder of the vacation. The night we got there Grandaddy came over for dinner. He and Gibson were matching, and became the best of buddies when Grandaddy fed Gibson some (most) of his pineapple upside down cake. It was too precious for words.
Gibson got to meet his other cousins Taylor and Evan, along with Aunt Casey and Uncle Rick and the rest of the family while in Seminole. He had a blast playing with his older cousins, and definitely thought he was just as big as they were. They played in the pool and ran around chasing each other the whole day on Saturday.

While Gibson was playing with his cousins, Daddy and Chad took a much need (and too cute for words) nap on the couch.
As you can see Gibson got very spoiled on this trip by grandparents... in this picture he is sitting in Papaw's lap eating one of many cookies he had while at Granci and Papaw's house. He knew exactly where the cookies were kept and would go over to where they sat on the counter and would say more until someone gave in and gave him one. Guess I will need to go buy some of these cookies!
Gibson slept most of the way home and who could blame him? He had a ton of fun in Texas and so did the rest of us. We cant wait to get back down there. Only another month and we will be making the trip again!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Vacation so far...

We left for Texas on Friday night and have been here since then... we are halfway through the trip and have already done so much.
Saturday while Gerod and his Dad and Grandaddy (as well as my Dad and Brother) played in the Father-Son golf tournament in Andrews, we went to the Children's Museum out at the Southwest Museum. Gibson, Chad and I were joined by Gigi, Aunt Jennifer and Jaxon. Gibson had a blast playing in the wooden boat they had in the toddler/baby area of the museum, he wouldn't get out of it for about 15 minutes. Jaxon has officially become obsessed with his newest cousin Chad. He always wants to hold him, and kiss on him, and anytime he cries he has to go over and comfort him by patting on his tummy and telling him "It's okay Chad". Too cute!
Aunt Jennifer has been a bit of a baby hog this week so far... since she wasn't able to come up for Chad's birth she has been taking him in as much as possible. She loves her newest nephew, and I think he probably loves her a lot too!
Gibson has been having so much fun getting into all the toys at Gigi and Pawpaw's house. The other day he actually decided to climb into the toy box in the living room. I don't know if he just thought this was funny, or if he just wanted to keep all the toys to himself and not share with Jaxon. He also loves playing with Gigi's wine corks that she has in a vase in the living room... I don't have a picture of him playing with these, but they are his favorite thing to play with at Gigi and Pawpaw's... we aren't too sure why, but he is always sneaking away to go dump them all out and play with them.
Again... Jaxon and Chad. He asked if he could feed him last night, so I had to get a picture.
I have definitely been taking advantage of all of my favorite restaurants while we are here... I have already had some Rosa's, Taco Villa, Dino's Pizza, Oscars, and this morning T&T Donuts! Gibson, Chad and I hung around the house this morning while Daddy played golf with Uncle Steven, and Gigi and Pawpaw were at work. We decided to make a donut run, and went to my all time favorite donut place. :) Yummy! I hope I don't gain 5lbs while we are down here... because then I would have about 10-15lbs to lose before Gerod's reunion.
I am sure there are a lot more things that we will be doing on the rest of our vacation... but that's it for now...

Mom & Tot Day

We had Mom & Tot Day at Michelle's house back on August 4th... I am just late at getting these pics posted.

We had a ton of fun, and Gibson got to play with all the other kiddos and enjoy lots of outside fun. He got into the kiddie pool, drove the little tykes cozy coupe, and slid down the slide... all lots of fun... while Chad just napped!

It was good to get out and be with some other moms and it was my first time getting out by myself with both the boys! Boy that is a feat in itself. :)

Here are some pictures of our fun day!