Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Vacation so far...

We left for Texas on Friday night and have been here since then... we are halfway through the trip and have already done so much.
Saturday while Gerod and his Dad and Grandaddy (as well as my Dad and Brother) played in the Father-Son golf tournament in Andrews, we went to the Children's Museum out at the Southwest Museum. Gibson, Chad and I were joined by Gigi, Aunt Jennifer and Jaxon. Gibson had a blast playing in the wooden boat they had in the toddler/baby area of the museum, he wouldn't get out of it for about 15 minutes. Jaxon has officially become obsessed with his newest cousin Chad. He always wants to hold him, and kiss on him, and anytime he cries he has to go over and comfort him by patting on his tummy and telling him "It's okay Chad". Too cute!
Aunt Jennifer has been a bit of a baby hog this week so far... since she wasn't able to come up for Chad's birth she has been taking him in as much as possible. She loves her newest nephew, and I think he probably loves her a lot too!
Gibson has been having so much fun getting into all the toys at Gigi and Pawpaw's house. The other day he actually decided to climb into the toy box in the living room. I don't know if he just thought this was funny, or if he just wanted to keep all the toys to himself and not share with Jaxon. He also loves playing with Gigi's wine corks that she has in a vase in the living room... I don't have a picture of him playing with these, but they are his favorite thing to play with at Gigi and Pawpaw's... we aren't too sure why, but he is always sneaking away to go dump them all out and play with them.
Again... Jaxon and Chad. He asked if he could feed him last night, so I had to get a picture.
I have definitely been taking advantage of all of my favorite restaurants while we are here... I have already had some Rosa's, Taco Villa, Dino's Pizza, Oscars, and this morning T&T Donuts! Gibson, Chad and I hung around the house this morning while Daddy played golf with Uncle Steven, and Gigi and Pawpaw were at work. We decided to make a donut run, and went to my all time favorite donut place. :) Yummy! I hope I don't gain 5lbs while we are down here... because then I would have about 10-15lbs to lose before Gerod's reunion.
I am sure there are a lot more things that we will be doing on the rest of our vacation... but that's it for now...

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Jessica said...


You are so hilarious! I love that you have to hit all your favorite restauraunts before you leave : )I'm glad that you guys are having a great time. Jaxon has gotten so big since the last time I saw him. I hope you guys have a safe trip home. Love ya!