Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Vacation {part duex}

While in Midland Gibson got spoiled by going swimming... once he got on his swim suit he would bang on the glass door leading to the backyard until we let him out to get in the pool. He had a blast swimming with Pawpaw... They played in the pool with Daddy and cousin Jaxon while Chad and I stayed in the cool house.
My little water baby boy!
After staying in Midland half the week we headed over to Seminole for the remainder of the vacation. The night we got there Grandaddy came over for dinner. He and Gibson were matching, and became the best of buddies when Grandaddy fed Gibson some (most) of his pineapple upside down cake. It was too precious for words.
Gibson got to meet his other cousins Taylor and Evan, along with Aunt Casey and Uncle Rick and the rest of the family while in Seminole. He had a blast playing with his older cousins, and definitely thought he was just as big as they were. They played in the pool and ran around chasing each other the whole day on Saturday.

While Gibson was playing with his cousins, Daddy and Chad took a much need (and too cute for words) nap on the couch.
As you can see Gibson got very spoiled on this trip by grandparents... in this picture he is sitting in Papaw's lap eating one of many cookies he had while at Granci and Papaw's house. He knew exactly where the cookies were kept and would go over to where they sat on the counter and would say more until someone gave in and gave him one. Guess I will need to go buy some of these cookies!
Gibson slept most of the way home and who could blame him? He had a ton of fun in Texas and so did the rest of us. We cant wait to get back down there. Only another month and we will be making the trip again!

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