Friday, August 28, 2009

Mommy's Sweet Boys

I begin this post with one of the cutest pictures EVER!! Chad has started smiling more and more each and every day (and no it's not gas). When we lean over and talk to him his lips spread into the widest, most adorable smile one has ever seen! I love that he is growing and changing each and every day. I forget how much babies change in such a short amount of time. The other day I was putting away the last of the laundry and came back into the living room to find Gibson inside the laundry basket. He just sat there for a few minutes watching cartoons. It was too funny. When he finally got out of it, he proceeded to put the basket on the floor and push it around saying "Vroom".
Chad is finally able to wear jeans...! I don't think Gibson was in jeans until at least 3 months, so needless to say Chad is just a BIG BOY! I thought he looked too stinking cute sitting on the couch to not get a picture. Gibson has decided that since Chad is playing with all of his old toys that he can join in on the fun as well. He continues to try and use the play mat, sit in the papasan, and relax in the swing. In some cases Chad is still in the item that Gibson suddenly wants to use. We have to keep our eyes on this boy constantly so he doesn't sit on his baby brother. The words "easy" and "gentle" are used frequently around the house, but I don't think Gibson quite understands their definition just yet. Not much is going on with us right now, except for the normal entertaining of our two little men. We are enjoying watching their relationship grow, and we cant wait until they are able to interact a little more.
I still cant believe that I am now the mother of two wonderful little boys. Each and every day is an absolute blessing, because I know that some people out there cant have children of their own. I believe we have two little miracles in our lives, and I cherish every moment I get to spend with them.


Two of a Kind said...

So sweet, Callie! You are right - you are truly blessed!

SuzSpeaks said...

they are so, so cute!