Monday, February 28, 2011

ABC's will never be the same...

For 2 years Gibson barely said a word... he wouldn't sit still long enough to "read" a book or be read to... he was very behind in many areas but we were working with a therapist and knew that one day he would start to get better. I know there are many children out there on the spectrum who never speak. I have a few friends whose children are in those situations, so I knew it was a possibility that Gibson might never talk. Remembering those hard times make the little things, that many parents take for granted, so special to us.

Gibson has a bedtime routine that is pretty consistent every night. He goes into his room, chooses a book (usually his ABC book), reads it to us, turns off the light on his own, gets into bed, sings us "Jesus Loves Me" and then sings his "ABC's" then tells us "Goodnight" and proceeds to say "Shut the door" before we walk out into the hall. Sometimes he even says "I love you" before we kiss him goodnight. These are moments that I never was fully sure would happen for us. We cherish them every single night and I am so thankful that we were able to capture Gibson reading to us one night a few weeks ago. Its amazing the progress he has made in only a years time!

How cute is that little man? We are so proud of him and the progress he has made in such a short period of time. We had a Parent/Teacher conference with his teacher the other day and she feels that with the progress he has made already that by the time he enters kindergarten he should be able to be in a typical classroom. :) We are SO happy to hear this news!

Once I get around to it I will be posting pictures from Gibson's Valentines Day party at school.