Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

This year has been amazing! Gibson is one year older... a big boy at 2 years old! We also added to the family with our precious Chadder Bug who is now just over 5 months old. I cant believe how much we have been blessed with, but we are beyond thankful.

At this moment I sit in my living room... the only person awake in the house. Gibson and Chad were down for the count around 9:30 and Gerod has been in and out of consciousness since 10:00.

So here I am... on the computer... as usual. I am watching the only thing on tv at this very moment... New Years parties in New York and Las Vegas. We had an invite to a big New Years Eve bash at some friends house, but we were a little late in looking for a sitter so instead decided to spend New Years as a family.

Maybe next year I wont be the only one in the house awake to ring in the New Year.

Happy New Year everyone... May 2010 be as good as 2009!

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