Monday, December 7, 2009


Tomorrow is Chadder Bug's 4 month well care visit. He will again have to endure another round of shots, and all the other fun poking and prodding by the doc. After we get back from the doctor Gibson has another speech therapy session. He is really taking a liking to the lady doing the sessions with him. Last week he even climbed into her lap during the story she read to him. He is such a loving little guy.

I think tonight about how lucky I am to be able to put my babies in their beds tonight, and how lucky I am to spend the day with them each day, waking up to their adorable smiling faces. Sometimes we take for granted what we have. Sometimes we don't realize how quickly it could all be taken away from us. We never know what God's plans are for us... and so I go to bed tonight saying a thankful prayer for another day with my little men.

I promise to take in every smile, every laugh, every smell, even every cry, and thank God for the babies I have been blessed with.

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