Thursday, April 23, 2009

NEW kitchen countertops!!!

So we have a friend whose house we visited recently... we fell in love with their counter tops! Even better, the friend's husband is the one that did all the handy work. We asked if he would be willing to do ours as well, and after a couple hours deciding on the perfect tile to do the job, we have NEW counter tops! Sorry I don't have a before picture that I can post, we kind of forgot to take one before he got started. As you can tell the new counter tops have come out wonderful! He has a little more to go, because the window seat and bar haven't been done yet, but what is finished looks great. :) I am in love!!!
Now we just need to find a new faucet, change up the cabinets a little bit, and add brand new hardware to the cabinets instead of the white knobs we have currently! What an UPDATE!!!


The Ratpack said...

wow! That looks awesome! You did it yourselves? Was it hard? Show pictures when you get the new hardware - that will really pull it all together!

Granite Countertops Atlanta said...

Very nice. I'm sure you guys are loving it. I work in Granite Countertops Atlanta and I'm impressed.

Do you find yourself going in there just to look at it?

Two of a Kind said...

Very nice! I love it!!