Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bellies and Birthday's

27 weeks and finally in the 3rd trimester! Wow! I cant tell if its going by fast or slow... but either way I am ready for Chad to be here, so I can meet him, and so I can stop being so uncomfortable. I still have quite a bit more time left, which means the belly is just going to get bigger and bigger!
On Saturday we went to Kacee's birthday (a friends daughter), who just turned ONE! We cant believe how much time has passed... it seems like just yesterday we were celebrating Gibson's first birthday! I swear, once you have children time just seems to take on a completely different meaning, and it flashes before your eyes. As Gerod was folding laundry for me tonight (yes he scored points for that one), we were thinking back to when we thought these clothes would never fit our sweet little baby boy... but now he is quickly outgrowing them!
Enough of my blubbering though, here is a cute picture of my two favorite guys at the party this Saturday! Gibson had so much fun, and daddy did too!!!

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Suzanne said...

I hope the rest of your pregnancy flies by... but then life will slow down a little! It's amazing how fast they grow! Have a good week! Next time I hit the sales, I'll let you know!