Friday, April 3, 2009

Super Uncomfortable!

I feel like I am getting bigger each and every day (which is probably mostly true). I am beyond uncomfortable, and I know that part will only get worse the closer I get to my due date. Just thinking that I still have approximately 16 weeks left has me thinking I am not going to be sleeping well for about the next year. If I cant get much sleep now its only going to be harder once Chad gets here.
Mind you I am beyond happy and excited to be pregnant again, and I relish in every movement that I feel (which is basically all the time, I think I have a gymnast/soccer player in there). I just wish I hadn't reached this incredibly uncomfortable time in my pregnancy so early.
I asked the doctor at my appt on Wednesday if I was measuring big, and he said I am right on target, so obviously this whole thing about me being bigger this time around is all in my head. I feel like I am bigger though, but the doctor said I am carrying all my weight in front so it is causing the breathing trouble, and the lack of sleep at night from trying to find a comfortable position to sleep in. This is also what is causing all my lower and mid back pain.
Anyway, sorry for the venting about my issues... other than being super annoyed at not being able to find any kind of comfortable position to sleep/stand/sit/anything in I am doing great. Gibson and I are finally over all of our allergy stuff, and I am hoping it stays away for a long time. That was not a fun two weeks for either of us.
I will update sometime soon with a prego pic. Hope you all have a happy Friday!

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