Friday, May 8, 2009

Our 3D/4D sonogram!!!

So Chad cooperated pretty well today for the sonogram. We got some amazing 4D film, and great 3D images. He didn't want any pictures of his feet though... ?
I think he might have Gerod's nose and my lips... I love the cute kissable lips on Gibson and I am thinking Chad has been blessed with them as well! Although there better not be any girls kissing on my boys anytime in the near future!This one is just precious to me for some reason, it looks like he is cuddling into me. I could be completely wrong but I think this image is breathtaking. We definitely still have a boy... just in case anyone might be wondering. I am sure he will be so proud that I showed off his "boy parts" to the world.
This was not my Mother's Day gift... but what better way to spend Mother's Day than knowing that you have one beautiful baby boy already and another on the way! I cant wait to meet my Chad Austin... Only 11 weeks left (although I am hoping he gets here earlier than that).
One of these days I will post another belly pic... maybe tonight! I just always seem to forget about it.

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