Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Well we are officially going wireless! Finally... Welcome to the 21st century! On one hand I am beyond excited to finally get rid of all the connecting cables/wires that keep our computer working on the Internet and otherwise, but I am not really that happy about the fact that all the stuff I need to make this much needed transition all come in separate packages!! :( I bought the wireless router thinking this was the only thing I needed to make this change, but I found out after one phone call to our Internet provider, another phone call to the router manufacturer *and being hung up on*, and then one last call to the router manufacturer that I still actually need a WIRELESS ADAPTER. UGH! Well... at least by tomorrow after a trip to the store I can eliminate all the ugly wires that Gibson is constantly trying to mess with and be able to use the laptop wherever I need it. Anyway... I know this post was very boring, but I felt the need to shout it to the rooftops that we are finally entering the technological age and are proud of it!

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