Saturday, May 16, 2009

Getting closer...

I cant believe I am 30 weeks today! That means only 10 weeks (approx.) until I meet my Chad! :) I am beyond excited, and Gerod is too.
We still have a lot of things left to do and purchase, but we are getting closer. I just bought a new swing which I am so excited about. It is one of the swings that can move from side to side, or front to back. I am going to order the double stroller and a new matching car seat sometime in the next week... and after my Mom and Sister leave next weekend we are going to start painting the nursery! I promise to post pictures of us working on that. :)
Anyway... we are getting so much closer to meeting our newest little guy, and hopefully soon we will have everything finished so that we are ready for his arrival.
Hopefully I can post a new belly picture sometime this evening or tomorrow!

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