Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Blueberry Yogurt

Adventures with a 19 month old boy are pretty amazing, hilarious, and aggravating all at the same time on occasion.

Yesterday I needed to take a shower, and get myself looking somewhat presentable, being that I had been in jeans and a sweatshirt, with my hair in a cap all day long, looking like... well... a pregnant woman who was too lazy to get herself going enough to get ready for the day.
As usual, for my shower-time, I put in one of Gibson's favorite movies (A Bee Movie), and left the living room. This is a usual occurrence, as usually I am too lazy to get moving in the morning, and end up getting ready sometime around 3:00pm just before going to get Gerod from work. So, I didn't think twice about leaving Gibson alone for the 15 minutes I would be showering.
Once in the shower, which was SO nice by the way, I started to remember that I had fed only half of the blueberry yogurt to Gibson about an hour earlier, and the remainder was placed on the side table next to the love seat. For about a second my mind wandered to a scenario of Gibson getting into the yogurt while I was out of the room, and completely destroying my couches with the blue-ish purple product, but then I thought... That would never happen.
On the contrary... when I finished my shower, as I usually do, I walked into the living room to check on my little man. Usually his eyes are still glued to the movie, and he may have pulled out a couple more toys from the toy box... but what I found was absolutely beyond TERRIBLE!!
I didn't take a picture out of sheer embarrassment!!! I found Gibson, sitting on the love seat, watching his movie, with the container of yogurt *empty at this point* in one hand, a spoon in the other, and blueberry yogurt all over himself, as well as my cream colored love seat!!! It was everywhere, along with little blueberry yogurt hand prints!!! Oh my gosh! A mothers worst nightmare!!! Luckily, I came in before the mess could dry, and I got it all out, although I am not quite sure how?!?

FYI: NEVER leave a 19 month old, who just learned how to climb on your furniture, alone in a room if there is anything that he could even possibly get into. Actually even if its impossible for him to get into it... he will!


Jessica said...

LOL! I can't believe you doubted that he would do that : ) He is so freaking adorable. Love you guys!!

Suzanne said...

how funny!!! I'm so glad it came out! Cute new blog look!

The Ratpack said...

ahhh! that is hilarious! good to know!

Two of a Kind said...

LOL! Get ready for life with a newborn AND him!! : )