Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My 20 month old baby boy, not so much of a baby anymore!

Gibson is 20 months old exactly today! I cant believe how quickly my baby boy has grown up. It makes me sad that he is getting so old, and so big! To make matters worse, Gerod and I decided to convert Gibson's bed to the toddler bed as of Monday afternoon. He is on his second night of sleeping in his "big boy bed". This afternoon he even took it upon himself to go lay down and take a nap... I didn't do anything, he just went into his room, shut his door, laid down and passed out. It was super sweet, and precious, but it makes me sad to know that he feels independent enough to go lay down on his own.
I will have to post pictures later of Gibson in his big boy bed. I hope that he continues to do well with this change. So far he has done amazing!

On another subject, we finally started painting Chad's nursery this weekend. Sunday when my mom and sister left town we completely cleaned out the room, and started prep work. We got all the painting finished tonight, but we still have a couple of touch ups to do. The furniture is in as well so as soon as we have all the painting done we will be picking that up and getting everything put together. I hope to have the majority of the room finished by this weekend with the exception of the bedding and draperies (which my grandmother will be making). I am so glad to see the vision that Gerod and I had for this room finally come together.

Also... I am 31 weeks 3 days along now... and we are slowly but surely getting to the end of this pregnancy. I am super uncomfortable, and way ready for Chad to be born, but on the other hand I am extremely nervous to have 2 kids!! My next doctors visit is this Thursday, and hopefully everything will still be looking great.

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