Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Emma Grace

So yesterday we had an amazing golf tournament for our friends beautiful little girl Emma! "Tee It Up For Emma" was a benefit that Gerod and 3 other guys put on to benefit Emma and her medical costs. She was diagnosed with Leukemia back on April 5, 2009 and has been in remission for a while and in fact RANG THE BELL... as a sign of being finished with Chemo just last week! We are so happy that the hardest part of this journey is over and Emma is getting better day by day. Doesn't she look just adorable holding the bell? Here is Emma with her Dad and Mom at the Arts Festival with us the other night. We love this family, they are our very best friends! :) So glad Emma was able to get out with us that night!
Love you guys! I am so glad the tournament was such a success!!

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Chelsi said...

What a beautiful little girl. Good for your husband and friends for putting together that golf tournament - having a community of friends that are so supportive is such an uplifting experience for families facing cancer. I love the "rang the bell" picture :)