Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter Weekend

We had a wonderful Easter this year. It was Chad's first Easter and Gibson's 3rd! WOW how time has flown!! Gibson got to dye Easter eggs for the very first time this year it was so much fun seeing his face during the entire process... completely PRICELESS!!Look at the wonder...
Telling Daddy how to do it... or so we think...
He kept dropping the eggs in from so high... he cracked most of the ones he colored. Oh well!
Decorating the eggs
We went out to take some Easter pictures in a place with a ton of tulips... it was beautiful!
Gibson enjoyed being outside... he looked so cute in his purple and green, we had Chad in a coordinating purple and green outfit. We found out from Granci and Papaw that Gibson and his cousin Evan had the exact same Easter outfit (minus Gibson's tie)... too funny!
Daddy and Bug
Mommy and Bug

It was so funny when we asked Gibson to give Chad a kiss... he literally tackled him and tried to move his hands so he could give him a smooch. It was adorable. Thankfully Chad is a huge kid so it didn't bother him that his brother, almost 2 years his senior, was completely smothering him.
Brotherly Love
Our Crazy, Wonderful Family
Gibson got some awesome stuff in his Easter basket.
Chad CONKED out after church... we went to check on him and found him like this. :)
Hunting for Easter eggs with Daddy
Gibson loved hunting for eggs. We didn't know how he would do at first, but he had a ton of fun searching the park for the plastic, candy-filled eggs.

He even found the ones I hid up in the trees
After Gibson hunted down all the eggs we let the boys play at the playground. Chad loved the swing! It was the first time he had been on one outside. It was a gorgeous afternoon.
Gibson got to swing on the big kid swing... he did such a good job. Mommy and Daddy were both so proud! He only fell off one time, and he dusted himself off and got right back on. We definitely don't have a scared little boy on our hands... maybe that means trouble?!?
We had a wonderful weekend... Gerod's parents were in town and they put up with me having a garage sale on both Friday and Saturday. The boys loved getting to hang out with their Granci and Papaw and we loved having them! It is always nice to see family since we are so far from them, especially on holidays as special of Easter. Thanks again for coming and visiting us Granci and Papaw. We love you!!
Hope you all had a Happy Easter. We had a wonderful day celebrating the Resurrection of our Lord and Savior. We cant wait for all the memories to come on this wonderful holiday.

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