Friday, December 31, 2010

My favorites!

We had an amazing Christmas! We are so blessed with amazing family and friends. We had fun catching up with everyone, eating good food, and getting awesome presents. These are my favorite photos from our Holiday in Texas.

Chad looked adorable in this Santa had of Nazareth's. :) He had a great time climbing over the coffee table again and again.
 Daddy and Chad playing... I love Chad's expression!
Granddaddy taught Gibson how to load up all of the crayons on the back of his dump truck. You would be amazed at how long this kept his interest.
Granddaddy and two of his Great Grandsons. This was too precious!
Chad decided it would be best to step on the present to get the wrapping paper off.
 Gibson loved his "dinosaur" as he calls Rex, from the Toy Story movies.
 Gibson loved his present from Santa... An entire collection of Toy Story action figures. He apparently wasnt in the mood to share with Chad though.
How adorable! Daddy playing with his two boys!! So cute!!!
 Chad admiring his Santa gift!

 Unwrapping presents, Chad got lost in all the paper.
 Pawpaw unwrapping one of Gibson's presents.
Sitting in Grandma and Hoho's squeaky rocking chair. Chad loved the noise it made.
 Making a tower with his new Duplo Blocks.
Me and my Great Grandmother, she is 96 years old and still going strong. I love her so much! I only hope that I can be like her!
 Watching Horton Hears a Who marathon on Christmas day.
 Fun winter hats!
Watching Dispicable Me mini movie called "Banana". All three boys were glued to the tv.

 I think he kind of resembles Elton John in those glasses. Haha!
 Sleepy guys!
I love this picture!
 Learning a little GOLF from Daddy.
 My big, little man!
Gibson insisted that he and Chad both put on their backpacks... not sure why, but he made sure that they were both wearing them.
 The chase is on... I love that Gibson is LOVING this!

We had a very Merry Christmas! I truly cant believe that it has already come and gone, and we are now looking at a new year!
Hopefully 2011 will find us as happy and blessed as 2010 has been. We hope that you and your family had as nice of a Christmas holiday as we had, and we wish you all the best in 2011.

Here's to 2011 in the Black family!

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