Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July Festivities!

We had a WONDERFUL 4th of July weekend with some really great new friends who happen to be from Texas and just moved up here about a year ago. We started off by dinner out on Saturday night at a great steak place. It was kind of crazy with all the kids (7 kids and 6 adults), but it was really fun anyway.
Sunday morning the girls and the kids went to the zoo while the guys played golf. The boys had a TON of fun playing and checking out all the animals.They just recently opened up the Children's Zoo and Gibson had a blast in the play area going down the slide multiple times.
Then we checked out the monkeys where Gibson decided to go for a little swing.
After lunch the kids decided to ride on the carousel. Gibson obviously chose the elephant because as of right now that seems to be his favorite! He said "Effant" the entire ride.

We saw some adorable baby peacocks... including one of the rare white peacocks... they were TOO Cute!!
And of course the Momma Peacock
Then all of the sudden the heavens opened up and it was raining. We were trapped in the Lion area for quite a while were Gerod got Gibson into a laughing frenzy.
Once we left the zoo we went home and rested for just a little while and then went over to our friends house for dinner. Gibson found a little doll stroller and was pushing it around the whole evening so Gerod wondered if he would push Chad around in it, and of course he did. It was hilarious. He pushed him around for the longest time, and although Chad kind of had a frightened look on his face I think he had fun.
After dinner we all went up to UCO for a BIG fireworks display. I truly cant believe we caught a good picture of all the kids before the show started.
Chad had a good time hanging out before the show
The kids were getting a little restless... but luckily we had some Capri Sun drinks on hand
I love this picture of Mackenzie and Gibson
Mommy and Chad watching the fireworks display
Gibson looked awestruck the entire time. He kept telling me all the different colors of the fireworks.
The fireworks were amazing. They did the entire show to music, and the kids (and adults) absolutely LOVED it!

This face was just priceless!
Daddy and Bug... Chad fell asleep shortly after this picture, even though the fireworks were beyond loud.
All the Daddy's and the kiddos!
Needless to say it was a GREAT 4th of July weekend. We had a blast with our new found friends and cant wait to get together with them again sometime very soon.
Hopefully everyone else had an amazing 4th of July and a great weekend!
HAPPY 4th of JULY!!!

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