Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Dynamo Day!

Monday morning the boys and I met Jessica & Emma, and Rachel and Avery at Dynamo Gymnastics. Gibson loves this place, its like a McDonalds playplace only bigger and better. I only got one photo of Gibson because he was gone playing in all the different areas of the playplace the whole time.
The boys were so worn out they both passed out as soon as we got done with lunch! :)
Gibson playing in the ball pit This blue eyed boy kept following me around the whole time
Get me out of this place!!!
Chad kept trying to make a run for it!
We had a blast at Dynamo and cant wait to get back there again. Tomorrow we are meeting the same girls and two more moms and their kiddos at the ZOO. I am sure we will have a blast then as well. I promise lots of pictures upon our return.

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