Sunday, July 11, 2010

New addition...

We got the boys a swing set back in May... however it has been sitting in two large boxes on the back porch since then. My husband is not what you would call a "Handy Manny" so we planned on having a company who puts swing sets together come over and set the thing up. After missed appt times, and not getting my calls returned I decided we needed to do this ourselves so we called our good friend Jonny to come over and help, and then we talked Blake into coming over as well.

So last week the boys went to work getting the swing set put together. They endured long hours, and lots of mosquito bites, but I did feed them well! ;)

Gibson really wanted to help, but he ended up just trying to use the screwdriver on his soccer ball than doing any manual labor!

After two days of back-breaking work... the guys were finished! The swing set looks awesome and Gibson LOVES being able to "Pay" (play) in the backyard now. He goes to the back door everyday to see if he can go outside.

Loving the "Slide"

He really loves to "Sving" as he calls it... this is the first thing he runs to when he gets outside. Definitely his favorite part of the swing set thus far.

*Look at that SMILE*

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