Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My BIG One Year Old!!

On July 17th at 9:14am Chad Austin was born. We were so happy to bring home a wonderful gift to our family, another baby boy and baby brother for Gibson. We cant believe how quickly the time has passed, but Chad is ofiicially a ONE year old now!
We had his birthday party this past Sunday at the house with a Mickey Mouse theme. Chad LOVES Mickey Mouse Clubhouse so we thought this was the perfect theme for his first birthday.
Here are the table decorations... I also had a video playing on the tv with snapshots of pictures from the time he was born till now and pictures on the table from birth till more recent. Love this picture of Chad in the pool on Memorial Day weekend.

A friend of ours did the birthday cake and we were amazed at how great it turned out. She really is very talented!! Thanks again Diana!!!
Of course Chad has his very own cake that was just for him to dig into.
"Happy Birthday to Chad"
I swear it was mere seconds before the boy was covered in blue icing.
Licking the icing off his hands... look at those eyes!

Look Mom, "I'm ONE!"
At this point Chad was DONE with the cake... so we left the party for a few minutes to take a quick bath!
After his bath Chad got to open up all his presents.
*Notice his adorbale vintage Mickey Mouse shirt to match the party theme*
Daddy and Chad reading the birthday cards
Chad loved the touch and feel book that he got. We are so lucky that both of our boys like to read!
Chad had a great first birthday with lots of our friends to celebrate with him. We cant believe that the past year has gone by so quickly but it has.
Chad is walking, saying things like "No", "Dadda", and "Momma" and other jibberish! He is sleeping through the night finally and drinking whole milk. He is right on track with everything he should be doing and we are so glad!
I will update with his one year stats after our his one year appt which isnt until next month due to the doctors office being overbooked. :(
Until then we are just watching Chad grow and change every day and with him being mobile there are new adventures ALL the time now!!

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Skaggs Family said...

WHAT?! cHAD IS ONE?! holy crap where does the time go?! I LOVE how you did red, black, and white for the mickey theme. Preston had mickey too but it was the clubhouse stuff with all the primary colors. yours was way cuter! and Preston had the same b day cake too! his was a 3 tier though, and the top that was a mickey hat was his smash cake, i just peeled off the black fondant. So cute and I can't believe he is growin up so fast!!