Monday, June 28, 2010

Gibson's first movie

Gibson went to his very first movie on Saturday afternoon. We got a baby sitter for Chad and left the house for the theater. We told Gibson where we were going but we knew he didn't fully understand. All he kept saying was "movie". We got the tickets, one big bucket of popcorn, and two drinks. We got into the theater where Toy Story 3 was playing and Gibson's eyes just stared at the huge screen. At first we thought the whole experience would be horrible because he didn't sit still at all during the previews, but once the lights went all the way down and the movie started he was completely fixed. He of course got out of his chair a few times, but for the most part he did amazing and watched the entire thing from the comfort of his big red movie theater seat. We are so glad we waited to take him at this age and didn't go earlier. He had a great time, and we will always have great memories of this first time experience. Here are a few pictures of our afternoon.
Getting the tickets... Gibson was a little impatient standing in line. Sucking down some Mr. Pibb... as if the kid needs more energy but hey, it made him happy and it was of course "HIS" afternoon.
Chasing Daddy up the hall to get back to the car
Just too cute... I love these two guys!
We had a blast little man... Cant wait to take you to another movie Gibson!
We love you!
-Mommy & Daddy

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grancinpapaw said...

Absolutely precious! So glad you guys had such a great time!