Saturday, March 13, 2010

Around the house...

We just recently repainted the entire living room, dining room, kitchen and entry and after I finished I decided to redecorate a few things.
Here are some of the things I/we have been working on:
In the living room I have redone the mantel to include some black and white pics of us and the boys. I have two frames I still need to get pictures for so disregard those. :) Another set of pictures all in a huge frame we found in Lubbock at Kirklands. I love it! We have tons of pictures of the boys to show off now.

The pictures that were over our mantel are now in the dining room. I think they give it a more dramatic feel and make the space a bit more defined.
Another project was printing off huge letters off the computer all in different fonts and put them all in 5x7 frames. I love how this very inexpensive project turned out!
We also replaced all the blinds in the kitchen and living room with the nice ones you see in the background of the picture above. Thank goodness no more aluminum blinds that have been bent by Gibson!! So happy about that.

Chad's room hasn't changed but I have added a few things since I posted pictures the last time.
The rug is new... and how amazing does it match? I couldn't believe it myself when I found it, in of all places (only $40!!).

The picture of the monkey is not new, I painted it a while back. I don't know if I ever posted a picture of it though.

I couldn't leave Gibson out... I did these new wall hangings that spell out his name just this week. It was a fun project that brings some color to the walls.

Gibson's new bedding, the other side has cars and trucks all over it. I cant believe he is getting so big! Seems like just yesterday we brought him home from the hospital.

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SuzSpeaks said...

your house looks so cute Callie! Good job!