Monday, March 15, 2010

Mommy & Gibson go to Sesame Street Live!

Gibson and I had a "Mommy & Son Date" Sunday afternoon. We went to see Sesame Street Live, which was a big first for us since Gibson hasn't even gone to a movie at the theater yet.
We had a ton of fun!
Here we are during the show... obviously Gibson didn't want to look at the camera, he was too into his sucker and the show. When Big Bird first came onto the stage.
Big Bird and Friends...
Munchin' on some cheerios during the show. He almost ate the whole cheerio container, and it was full when we first got there!
Ernie on the S.S. Rubber Ducky... I used to love Ernie so this was my favorite!
Elmo... He was definitely the most popular!!
During the Intermission I let Gibson jump around on the chair... he had a blast!
The African masks in the black light was probably Gibson's favorite thing. He just stared at the stage in awe. It was pretty cool looking, no wonder he was in pure amazement!
Bert imagined he was deep sea diving with a friendly Octopus, this was also in black light and was pretty cool.
Me with Carter and Gibson (Carter and his mom joined us for the day, the boys are only 2 weeks apart in age)
Sucker time... I think he was trying to say "Elmo" here
Elmo's World!!
The Entire Cast at the end of the Show!
We had a blast! We are going to have to go on more Mommy & Gibson dates. It was nice to focus on just one of my little boys and make his day. I cant wait to take him on another new adventure. Gerod and I are both SUPER excited about June 18th when Toy Story 3 comes out... we plan on both taking him and having a sitter watch Chad. Hopefully he will do well!

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