Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Passing the time at the Park

While we were in Texas we took the boys to the park along with some of the other families that were at Gerod's high school reunion. Gibson had so much fun climbing up the stairs, and sliding down the slides. It was beyond hot outside, but Gibson didn't seem to care.

He has become a pro at climbing the stairs Posing for Mommy... How cute is he?
Inside the tube... he was eating sand in there, and each time he would
put some in his mouth he would follow with a loud "Mmmm",
which is what he says anytime he eats something.
It was hilarious to watch him do this.

Daddy holding Chad and making him giggle...
Daddy is so good at making our sweet boys laugh!
My little model... Ralph Lauren watch out...
Just hangin out
This is his "I am thinking about doing something
I know I will get in trouble for... but I will do it anyway" face
We had a blast at the park... and cant wait to get back sometime soon!

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