Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wednesday Diet Update

This past week was just a bit on the crazy side, and I didn't really get much going on my diet plan. I took the boys out for a walk once for about thirty minutes and haven't gotten any further exercise done this week. I have been trying to cut out my Dr. Pepper, but it is very difficult. Too bad they don't make patches for people addicted to DP. :)
I have to start working on my diet more as well... with high cholesterol I need to start making healthier choices, not only for me but for our family.
I found a great website by Kraft Foods that has tons of easy, healthy, inexpensive recipes. I think I may try a few over the next week.
I have lost two pounds since my report last week, but I don't know if its true weight loss or not since I haven't been putting forth much of an effort.
Here is to a new week, and more effort on my part. Hopefully I can will myself to work hard to get back into shape!

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SuzSpeaks said...

You're doing great!! I was addicted to dp... I've been 4 weeks w/out now!!