Saturday, January 30, 2010


Gibson played in his first "real" snow yesterday and had an absolute blast. Gerod and I loved watching Gibson's face seeing the white stuff fall from the sky. He seemed completely amazed and the whole experience was completely priceless! We didn't stay outside for too long but we did go out two times. We may have to let Chad see it today if we can get him in warm enough clothing!
I absolutely LOVE this smile!!
Hanging with Daddy
Kisses for Mommy!


MODG said...

ok I don't follow the weather but i'm GUESSING you all live in the south. I mean you all as in every blog I've been to that has pics of snow from the weekend?? People are freaking out! I'm guessing this is a rarity??

Callie said...

Yes we live in the South... Oklahoma actually. Not near as bad as some other places got, but here it really never snows this much ever! :)