Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Long weekend...

We have had a very long weekend, that is still kind of leaking into the week. Gibson starting having some slight congestion near the end of last week, but it got worse on Friday and on into Saturday. Poor guy is so stopped up and coughing, the works! Its aweful because there really isnt much you can do, and the poor guy doesnt know how to blow his nose so it just makes it all the more unbearable. :(
I think we are on the upside of the sickness now... at least he isnt laying on the floor moaning like he did on Saturday and Sunday.
I hope that he gets to feeling better before Thursday though because I actually get a girls weekend and I am headed to Dallas Thursday late afternoon through late Saturday night. I am going to my annual Rally for Premier, and I couldnt be more excited.
It will be my first weekend leaving Chad, but I am sure I will be fine! Gerod and the boys are going to have a great weekend partying it up like the boys they are. Well not exactly partying, but I think they plan on going out for pizza and possibly hitting up the Home and Garden Show... which I am actually quite jealous of!
Needless to say I hope the weekend for Gerod and the boys is as much fun as my weekend surely will be! :)

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SuzSpeaks said...

I hope he is feeling better! Have a great weekend... you deserve it!