Friday, January 8, 2010

Rub a Dub Dub... Two boys in the TUB!

The boys absolutely LOVE their bath time. I am sure once Chad can sit up on his own in the tub Gibson will have a lot more fun with him. Right now I think Gibson just thinks Chad is kind of "in the way". After bath time Gibson is always so silly! He always has the biggest grin on his face and laughs and tries to get away from us before we can get him dressed. We have way too much fun with these boys!
Playing with the new photo software I got for Christmas... I think the picture is too cute... then again I am a little bias to the cuteness of my little Chadder Bug!!
Up here in OKC we are having some serious winter weather. It has been under 20 degrees for the past few days now and it is absolutely BITTER cold!! Wind chills are more than likely making it feel below ZERO! Needless to say we have been holed up inside the house, and still Gibson is getting a bit of a cold, and all of us are a bit stuffy. Hopefully the winter weather will head out before too much longer, but you just never know.

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