Sunday, January 17, 2010

Half a YEAR old!!

Chad hit the 6 month mark today!! I am finally making a post on th 17th of the month instead of a week or two (or even three) later!

I cant believe my baby is already half a year old. It has gone by in a serious flash, and truthfully I just dont know where the time has gone? I hope each and every day that maybe time will slow down just a little bit so I can cherish these moments more, but it never happens. With two now it seems that time is going at twice the pace all of the sudden. I really cant believe it!

(we dont go see the doctor for our 6 month appt till the 2nd of Feb, kind of late I know, he has lots of patients and is really behind.)

Anyway... here are the updates:

  • Chad is very active, only taking two naps a day now both consisting of about an hour each

  • He loves his jumper, laying on the floor, rolling over, and watching his big brother

  • He is eating better and so far doesnt have any dislikes when it comes to food except for Green Beans... go figure since Gerod wont eat anything green either.

  • He is pushing himself up using his arms, and once he gets those legs up under himself he will be moving all over the place. Right now he seems to do a lot of rolling/scooting and is getting around the living room some. I have a feeling though that he will be mobile way before Gibson was (at 9 months).

I love this little guy so much, he is just growing up before our eyes!! I keep the camera handy all the time so I can capture as many of these moments on film because I know they are just going to keep passing us by.