Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Snow Bug & Bubba

We had so much fun in the snow this past weekend. Gibson would have loved to stay outside all day long if I would have let him, but Chad was done with the cold after about 5 minutes. We were lucky enough to get some cute pictures of the boys in our rare snow-filled backyard. Daddy and Bug sharing a cute moment
Mommy and Bug *don't look too close at my make-up-less face*
For some reason this picture reminds me of The Christmas Story
(The kid who gets his tongue stuck to the flag pole)
All Smiles!

Snow is yummy!
The newest addition to the family...
Mr. Potato Head snowman
(of course wearing his Texas gear!)

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grancinpapaw said...

We absolutely love these pictures! It is so much fun seeing the awefilled look of amazement on the faces of little ones when they get to go out and play in the snow!!! Too precious!!! Of course, look what we're working with! And the snowman looks adorable in Gibson's jacket and cap! Love you guys TONS!!!!