Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A special day with my special someone...

Valentines Day is only 3 days away... and I cant believe that on that day Gerod and I will have been together for 8 years. Valentines Day is so special to us because we had our very first date that day. Gerod was so sweet to bring me a single white rose. We went to dinner at a quaint little Italian restaurant and talked for what seemed like hours. I was so excited to get to know him and for the first time have a Valentine on Valentines Day! It was a wonderful evening that lead to a 2 year courtship.
On our "2 year dating anniversary" Gerod proposed... so on Valentines Day 2004 I "said yes" to the love of my life. A year later on January 1, 2005 we were married.
I know some people think of Valentines Day as a big marketing ploy by candy companies and flower shops, but it is truly a very special day for my and my hunny.
I wish you all a Very Happy Valentines Day this Sunday!

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Megan and David said...

So sweet! I love Valentines Day too! I am a huge sucker for it : )