Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Chad is 7 months old!!

My littlest man is 7 months old today! I cant believe how quickly time is flying.

At 7 months Chad is:
  • sitting up on his own
  • rolling over
  • scooting
  • getting into the crawling position occasionally
  • eating lots and lots of baby food (can you tell?)
  • sleeping well

Chad still doesn't have any teeth but last night he woke up screaming two or three times and we don't know if he might finally be teething or not. He is working on crawling, but even though he isn't crawling doesn't mean he isn't mobile. He is all over the place when you lay him on the floor to play. Chad LOVES his big brother Gibson and watches him all the time.

We don't go back to the doctor till 9 months. We went about 2 weeks ago for his 6 month checkup and he was weighing 19lbs 13oz and was 27 in long. He is quite a bit larger than Gibson was at this age.

Speaking of Gibson we are doing better each and every day with our speech, and we plan on heading to Texas tomorrow for an evaluation with a doctor first thing Friday morning. We pray that we can get some more answers for his speech delay and behavior problems. Hopefully the doctor will be able to provide some of those answers.

Happy Wednesday!

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Megan and David said...

Praying for you guys! Keep us updated on sweet Gibson!