Friday, November 13, 2009


Let me first just say that I would have never thought that going to the bathroom would be such a HUGE deal to me... but needless to say it is an absolute, cant deny it, amazingly HUGE deal!
We haven't been pushing the potty training for Gibson thus far, but in the past week, just before bath time each night, we place Gibson on the potty and up until tonight he just looked at us and smiled like, "What am I supposed to do on this thing?"... However, tonight he went POTTY, on the POTTY! I was completely SHOCKED! I am hoping that he will continue, and this wasn't just a fluke of sorts, but I am also not going to be surprised if it doesn't happen all the time. We will continue to work on it, and not push him, and hopefully before too long we can kick our pricey diapers to the curb, and buy some little boy undies! Cant wait for that day... lol!
Oh the joys of being a MOM! I love every little bit!

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