Friday, November 6, 2009

Fireproof your marriage with the Love Dare

Gerod and I started reading the Love Dare book, which you might have heard about if you have seen the film, "Fireproof". The film stars Kirk Cameron, and deals with the struggles of a marriage on the verge of divorce. I forget Kirk's name in the movie, but he gets a book from his father called the Love Dare, which is a 40 day dare to fall deeper into love with the person he married. In the beginning he struggles with the dares but does them anyway. As the days go by he finds that he truly wants to do everything in his power to save his marriage. It is an amazing truth that not many people think about... that marriage is a difficult thing, and it does take work. I recommend that every married couple, or even newly engaged couple watches this film, and reads the book.

Gerod and I are on Day 6 and have truly enjoyed everything up to this point. So far the dares are fairly easy, but I know they will get harder as time goes on. The best thing is that we are getting back to the kind of marriage we had when we are newlyweds! We had gotten into such a routine of life, that we weren't doing those sweet, spontaneous, romantic gestures for one another anymore... we weren't talking to each other more than just to ask how the day was... we weren't learning new things about one another. Now we are really finding out that marriage can be new and exciting even nearly 5 years in! I only hope that we can continue to grow and learn so that we can show our children how amazing a marriage can be. As good as things are now, I know with the help of this book things will only get better.
Whether you are struggling to stay together, or still madly in love, or even just in between, I suggest you take the time out to watch Fireproof with your spouse, and begin reading the Love Dare. It's an amazing journey into making your marriage better no matter where you are at right now. I DARE YOU to start this journey to make your marriage better!

Good luck, and embrace the changes you will see during this process.


Megan and David said...

I am going to do this! Thanks for the great idea!! : )

SuzSpeaks said...

We have this book, but haven't committed to it yet! I think it's time! Thanks for the reminder!