Tuesday, November 3, 2009

HaPpY HaLlOwEeN!

Gibson had a great time this Halloween, dressing up as a dinosaur and heading off to gather candy from all the neighbors was such an awesome experience for him. I always thought when I was younger that Halloween was a blast, we got to change ourselves into these mythical creatures or movie stars and get candy from tons of houses. We got to stay up late with our friends on a school night, then go home and sort through all of our candy. It was so much fun as a child looking forward to this fun-filled evening. However, I think watching your own child have the experience is so much more fulfilling.
Gibson didn't really get the concept at first, but he got the hang of trick or treating pretty quickly. It was so much fun to show him off to all of our neighbors. I cant wait till next year when he can help me choose what he will dress up as for Halloween.
Ready to go trick-or-treating
My little dinosaur
...and they're off...
Taking off on his own
Going through the loot
No surprise that he chose the sucker
Chad just hanging out with Daddy
Worn out from all the festivities
Hope everyone had a very Happy Halloween... Now onto Thanksgiving. I cant believe it's already November!

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Tanner, Jodi & Parker said...

Gibson looked precious in his costume!!